Another week passed, everything feels the same. I'm trying to recall anything new that happened last week. The most I can remember, two family members reached a milestone age. Since any form of gathering is prohibited, they prepared and delivered food for everyone. I guess this will be the "new normal"of birthday celebrations. It would take months to years before gatherings will be allowed again.

Speaking of new normal, I did some movements in my room to accommodate this work-from-home (wfh) area. I used to work in the family's dining table. I love the wide table that becomes all mine from evening till dawn. But lately, not all work can be accomplished in my preferred hours. There are days when remote meetings are scheduled in the morning. I need a space where I can't be distracted. I also bought a cheap table from Carousell and installed eyesore extension cords. 

Two weeks from now, government will decide whether to maintain ECQ or proceed with GCQ. Part of me wants that life we previously had. But with the way things are going, this is far from over. Like everyone else, I thought of life if all these didn't happen. I would have been home from Vietnam. I have revisited Burrow Cafe. My second semester class is about to end. I went to a staycation with my friend A. I'm arranging my visa requirements for another trip. There are also things I wished I accomplished before the ECQ happened. I should have bought that long overdue treadmill. I should have requested more inches from my last haircut or availed that treatment, a month before my usual schedule. I should not have purchased the dress and sandals for an event last March. I should have submitted my last freelance work earlier. That way, I would have been paid before the ECQ happened. If things went well, I think I have another project to work on already. 

Despite the regrets, life is still good to me and my family. I have work, even with some challenges. I initially thought I can perfectly manage wfm arrangements. Just like a regular work day, those hiccups and unpleasant surprises cannot be avoided. I'm thankful that colleagues from other departments have been providing adequate and reliable support. I owe these people some drinks, or to be safe, probably a cake. :p 

Again, same items filed under things I don't need these days. I don't anymore wear accessories on the rare times I go out. 

A month ago, I was worried that I'll be unproductive and useless. It took several weeks before the unexpected work and some challenges started to kick in. (Breathe) 

It's difficult to blog anything interesting these days. Like in my case, I sound repetitive every week. As much as I would love to blog anything new, my mind and thoughts are all scattered. These were all far from what I imagined.