Sunday, May 10, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 411 - Motivation

Another week passed, another week of survival. As always, it has been work, Netflix and living with hard-headed Senior Citizen parents, who keep on sneaking out. :p My mother still visits the wet market for fresh fish and fruits. A fully stocked fridge and ballooning grocery receipts don't seem to work. Same goes with my father, who bikes and buys anything from the nearby grocery. They know my ruined body clock. They took advantage of the time when I'm starting to sleep at 5:00 am. 

This week, I noticed our supplies were almost depleted. I took this as an opportunity to visit my now favorite, supermarket in SM Marikina. 

This SM is quite far from home. Despite the inconvenience, I prefer this branch because of the one-stop-shop opportunity. I can pay my bills, visit the bank, purchase my vitamins and have those guilty pleasures. Krispy Kreme, Bread Talk and Black Scoop are all open. :) Months ago, I love SM Marikina because of Uniqlo and the organized Department Store. These days, everything is all about food and errands.

On the way home, I enjoyed the quick road trip. This used to be one of the busiest roads in my hometown. It would take hours to reach the end of this national highway. These days, a five-minute drive is more than enough. 

Like most people, I can't anymore distinguish the days. I mistakenly went to the bank on a Monday. I took it as a chance to walk and have that much needed movement. To my surprise, the lines were impossible. The queue of people crossed 5 establishments. My frustration led me to the door of Red Ribbon because there was finally, mocha cake!!!

This is a typical day. As much as I prefer to stay on the white side :p, the tasks are getting stronger. Much to my relief, there are no remote meetings lately. On top of emails, my messenger has never been this active in my entire social media life. :)

Other things that concerned me last week

Summer Heat - It was the worst this week. Even my laptop is feeling it. I'm worried the heat can ruin my device. 

I thought staying home will enable me to spend less. Apparently, it does not work that way. I reached my record breaking grocery receipt weeks ago. Last week's cost of grocery declined, but still above my target. The original cable of my phone charger gave up. My earphones are showing signs of deterioration. I needed a spare for remote meetings. My turbo fan is likewise, not doing well. I finally gave up on Lazada. 

Other things I'm tempted to purchase these days include my stash of Drops of Youth from The Body Shop, a pair of Birkenstock, a treadmill and new clothes because I gained 5 lbs. :( Last April, I promised to exercise on May. I'll finish all deliverables on April so I can exercise the next month. I didn't realize, work will never stop. :D  My fear of being unproductive never happened. I should rather be concerned with my expenses, weight and that much needed hair treatment. :D

Always, my favorite part of the day.

After a long day of work, I treat myself with some Netflix marathon. I finished a reality series, Stay Here. I always love shows featuring home transformations. I love the series because it created luxurious transformation to short term rental apartments like airBnB. I also started Taste of Asia and enjoyed Thailand's street food. The popular Jay Fai never failed to amaze me. She looks different outside her street kitchen. 

While waiting for episodes of A World of the Married, I started watching Oh My Venus. I underestimated this K drama. This first episode captured my heart. ;) I think I can get the motivation to exercise from this series. ;) 

Recently, I'm one of the Filipinos who eagerly waited for Ang Huling El Bimbo The Hit Musical. Definitely, 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Before I forget, it's Mother's Day today. If all these didn't happen, I probably took my mother out for dinner last Saturday. We usually avoid the Sunday crowd. We drop by the mall for some quick shopping. Things happened, we're left with Grab Food Delivery, which I didn't avail this day. :D I'll order food when the bulk or orders subsides.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead. 


  1. You started Oh My Venus? Yayyy! Haha. I love So Ji Sub. But I think I'll remember that series for introducing to Sung Hoon a.k.a. gorgeous MMA fighter.<3

    I can so relate with the ballooning grocery expenses. Every grocery trip (and we do it twice a week) amounts to almost 2K. Pre-ECQ eh once a week lang kami at malaki na yung 2.5K a week.

  2. Hi Diane!
    yes, the days seem to blend into each other. Luckily I'm used to working from home, as I have been doing so for the past ten years :)
    I try to avoid going to the supermarket on Friday or Saturday, as most people go shopping then and if I see a queue outside I don't tend to go in. I've even resorted to ordering groceries online...thank goodness for delivery service!
    Sorry about the heat. By contrast it is getting colder over here, although it's May. Would love to exchange some cold winds with your summer heat ;-)
    Have a great week ahead and stay well!
    Duni x

  3. SM Marikina will always be memorable to me. I only visited it maybe less than 5 times but I was there when it first opened. It was during Michael Jackson's death so I remember an impersonator doing his dance moves and Karylle having a promotional concert in the events area. There were a very few people and the mall seemed so big because of all the space, haha.

    Me and my roommates are also following The World of the Married. Only 2 more episodes to go! :)
    I just finished watching Dr. Romantic seasons 1 and 2. If you haven't watched them, I highly recomment it!


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