Update as of December 2022 - The product remains working. Unfortunately, it drips water underneath whenever it's working. I have to use several layers of rags to address the continuous water leak. In the end, I decided to throw this device.  

Update as of May 21, 2020 - Unfortunately, the unit I purchased last May 8 started to malfunction yesterday. The air cooler shuts down on its own since last night. This morning, the unit automatically turned on and off. I contacted 3D Appliances'  Facebook Page. I haven't received a decent reply as of date. I plan to bring the unit to the service center in Marikina. I'm starting to feel regrets. I thought I found a cheaper unit for a more electricity consuming airconditioning unit.

As much as I want to avoid additional expense, I might purchase a unit from another brand. 😔  It would be great if 3D properly repairs or at the very least, have it totally replaced with a "working" unit.


The summer heat has become unbearable. If I'm not staying home, I would have survived the sweltering weather courtesy of the workplace's airconditioning system. :) Unfortunately, it looks like my work from home arrangement will continue. I cannot survive with the lone 3D turbo fan. I needed a stronger force to lower the temperature in my home workspace. Acquiring the cheapest window type aircon is not an option these days. Installation will take some time and more importantly, budget does not permit. In the end, I settled to the nearest convenience I can afford. I bought an air cooler.

Prior to 3D, I searched for other brands I can purchase online. My first option was Union's UGAC-003 Perfect Timing Cooler available from Ace Hardware. It costs Php 3,999.75, cheaper than other brands. Problem is, Ace Hardware charges Php 1,736.14 for shipping. I tried directly purchasing from SM Marikina's branch. Unfortunately, onhand stocks were depleted. 

My other option was sellers from Lazada. I considered Iwata's Aircool Z14 Air Cooler. I've known the brand to produce all types of electric fans. Unfortunately, stocks were not available during my purchase. Iwata's air cooler was really my first choice because it costed Php 4,795, a little cheaper than 3D's version. Also, this Iwata's model looks similar with 3D's Eco Freeze.

My last find was 3D's Eco Freeze via Lazada. I searched other resellers and was led to 3D's Facebook Page. While Lazada 's price point was Php 6,499 (without shipping), 3D's Facebook Page directly offers the unit for Php 5,499 (Php 4,999 for the unit and Php 450 for shipping). The price difference made it for me. I placed my order via their responsive Facebook Messenger account. I made my order on a Friday night, paid via BDO mobile banking and was delivered last Tuesday. A total of two working days to complete an online purchase is highly commendable, especially these days. 

It comes with 5 functions, which was fun to explore. :)

Cool - Setting the air cooler on cool mode makes the difference. It releases the colder air, which the usual electric fans cannot provide.

Mode - There are three modes, normal, sleep and natural. Normal mode operates the fan at a constant speed. Natural mode resembles a natural breeze. Sleep mode tries to mimic a gentle breeze. Among the three, I prefer the normal mode.

Timer - This comes with a maximum of 8-hour timer. 

Swing - Offers horizontal swing, similar with turbo fans 

Speed - Comes in three levels of speed (low, medium high) 

The water tank can accommodate a maximum of 7 liters. The unit also comes with four ice packs, which can be alternartely used. What I love about the ice packs, it can turn to ice in less than 3 hours. In effect, you don't anymore need to set aside ice cubes. 

Unlike other air coolers, 3D's version has an auto shut down feature. In case the dispenser runs out of water, the machine automatically shuts off. 

Unlike turbo fans, the air cooler comes in adjustable vertical vents. You can easily control the air's direction. A water indicator gauge was provided below the vents. This allows easy checking of water level. The unit also comes with a remote control, which is not really useful for me. I don't often change the mode or settings. 

After using the air cooler for several days, here are my observations

1. The air cooler is a superior substitute for the usual electric fans. However, it still, cannot equate your expectations for a much coveted airconditioing unit. 

2. The device is bulky. I think all air coolers are fat and bulky. I hate that it consumes a lot of space. Despite the size, its capability to cool down a room is quite limited. The model I purchased is enough for my small working space. It's not powerful enough to cool down an entire living room. Maybe the other expensive models can work.

3. While the model has vents and oscillating features, the reach is limited. This again brings me, the model works for small areas.

4. Using ice cubes to further lower the temperature  - Using ice cubes and cold water makes the breeze feel a little colder. However, I noticed that ice cubes only lasts for 30 minutes. Same goes when ice packs are used. To keep the colder breeze, I recommend regularly refilling with cold water and ice packs.    

5. Cold water should be replenished after 6 to 7 hours - I noticed the air emitted becomes warmer in the morning or after prolonged used in the afternoon. I recommend replacing or refilling with cold water every 6 hours to consistently experience the cold breeze. 

6. A better way to maximize the effect of an air cooler is to elevate its position. The usual height of the air cooler is around two feet. Similar to desk fans, such height is not enough to reach and cool down an entire room. The elevated air cooler enabled me to extend its reach, especially when I'm working. 

Despite the limitations, I'm satisfied and would recommend purchasing this 3D AC-703 Eco Freeze.  If you have plans of purchasing another electric fan, I highly recommend acquiring an air cooler instead. It may cost more, but the comfort it provides is way better. 

Given that physical stores are not open, I also recommend directly purchasing from 3D Home Appliance's Facebook Page. They have a very responsive social media team to accommodate your orders. They accept bank deposit via BDO and East West Bank. Cash on delivery is also available.