I thought everything would be fine. I'll be staying home while trying my best to continue work. As weeks passed, the list of worries are multiplying. Everything becomes complicated. I don't usually experience headaches. On the rare times, I just sleep it off. When this month started, headaches became a weekly visitor. As much as I avoid pain killers, my intake became frequent. My worst was when a surprise typhoon hit Manila. The cold weather, which was so conducive for sleeping, left me wide awake. I didn't sleep till the next day. I finally felt the sleepiness around 4 pm. I overworked and tortured myself with another headache. 

Aside from pain killers, constant communication with a few friends helped me cope with everything. There's my older friend P, who knew half of my struggles. A few days ago, P surprised me with his own predicament at 1:00 am. I'll never forget that rainy evening when he ranted via Facebook messenger. He was so frusrated and had the irresistible urge to answer an email. Unfortunately, there was power interruption in his area. Replying thru a mobile device was not a good idea. The phone's keyboard can't handle his emotions. 😂

There's also my friend S, who gave me advices on career and workplace culture. My friend T, who helps me place things in the right perspective. I also have my friend A, who makes me feel like a criminal, with my decisions, 😏😂

A few hours ago, I had a Viber chat with the owner of the small business I work for. On a usual weekend, I send photos for her social media platforms and get paid every two months. I was surprised when she asked how are things from my end. It was a short yet meaningful conversation, enough to make me feel better. The next morning, she made a small gesture of increasing my usual pay. It's one of the rare times when I felt unexpected kindness and sincerity. 

On top of grown up concerns, petty things like my weight, worries of whether my trusted salon will still open and recently, ants in my room. For some reason, a portion of my room accumulates ants during the rainy and summer season. They usually gather in the cabinet or near my bed. I get awaken or surprised after changing clothes with painful ant bites. When this happens, everything in my room has to be taken out and cleaned. 

On Korean drama - When I finished a task, I treat myself with a Korean drama marathon. On some days, I connect to Netflix while working. I started watching Pinocchio and Oh My Venus. I'm more inclined to finish Oh My Venus because So Ji Sub is soooo hooot. 😂✌️

I recently finished A World of Married Couple. This story of revenge and betrayal heightened my emotions every episode. Unfortunately, I'm not satisfied with the ending. The series is often compared with Sky Castle because of the battle in ratings. A World of Married Couple won viewership, but Sky Castle had a better ending for me. 

In between K drama marathon, I do some online window shopping. I wanted a Birkenstock but whenever I check out, I have the strong urge to back out. 💪 My credit card has only been used this month to purchase wfm essentials from Lazada, renewing my domain name and paying for the Meralco bill. 😏

Everyone in Instagram is cooking, baking, excerising and decluttering. Some devote time for continuous learning through webinars. I learned a lot during this unexpected and unwanted vacation. Unfortunately, it's not something I can share yet. My head still aches with the thought of it. Maybe, before 2020 ends. 

My constant these days 😂 This is where all the headaches are produced.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!