I was caught with another difficult report. Months ago, I thought the previous report was already the most challenging. Turns out, there's another task ahead. It took me several days to gather my working pace. I finally caught my adrenaline and it was another case of working from midnight till lunch time of the next day.  I took a nap around 4 pm, woke up for dinner, watched TV and slept around 11 pm. Indeed, the best rest comes after an accomplishment.

I planned to slow down and gather more sleep on the succeeding days. But remote meetings became alive again. Added to this, I noticed our supplies were already depleted. I went to the grocery, paid some bills, lined up for milk tea and had my phone's screen fixed. It was my first time to visit SM on a Sunday and I somehow regretted it. I appreciate a well-stocked supermarket, but the crowd was frightening. When I had my phone fixed, social distancing was not implemented. Fellow customers disregarding distancing policies and store owners aren't conscious about it, Up until writing this post, I feel paranoid. It was the first time I experienced the crowd and it feels like I'm developing sore throat and headache.

When this month started, the government decided to loosen the quarantine policies. Ideally, this is undertaken when cases of that deadly virus is already decreasing. In reality, cases are still escalating. It's the economy that the government is trying to address. I'm quite fortunate because I'm still allowed to wfm. Unfortunately, some need to physically report for work without a reliable public transport. So there, another case of government telling us to be responsible of their lousy decisions. 

A few of my colleagues have already reported for work. As expected, so much changes have been implemented. Travel time is prolonged, especially for everyone using the public transport. There are additional protocols, lunch outs and those random trips to the convenience stores are prohibited. Work days will be reduced, which also translates to pay cuts. Management decided to shift to online classes until the end of the year. Hopefully, the transition will be manageable.

As each month ends, my worries are also escalating. Like everyone else, I have the worst fears. I have freelance works that remain unpaid. I wish for more freelance works, but seems like everyone is not inclined to hire or spend. I'm hoping that my self-taught photography skills will lead me to more businesses. 

I didn't realize, it's halfway 2020. I need the assurance that everything will be fine. We'll get through this. But these days, all I can see are fears and uncertainties.