It's another week of data gathering and report writing. I'm nearing another task I dread. The succeeding weeks will entail waiting for the critical reports to come in. Like the previous years, the challenge arises from the availability of reports. One missing report translates to an incomplete ouput from my end. I'm not sure if the situation will change for the better or worst, as most colleagues are under wfm arrangement. At the end of the day, I always adjust to everyone's self-imposed deadlines.

On top of work, I was able to squeeze some decluttering. I reactivated my Carousell account and sold some bags. Like what I always say, I'm grateful for the technology of online selling. The free platform provides an opportunity to earn from my own items. Years ago, my occasional selling started in eBay. I was able to sell old clothes, used bags and a few shoes. I stopped using eBay, tried Instagram but nothing prospered. 

These days, most people in my social media feed have become sellers. The economic situation pushed everyone to create additional means to earn. Recently, I stalked sellers based in Instagram and those engaged in live selling via Facebook. When I watched a live selling session, I'm amazed with the purchasing capacity of some viewers. They can spend around Php 20,000 to 50,000 in one sitting. I have colleagues, whose Instagram based businesses, earn more than their monthly salary. Seeing their sales is tempting me to venture in buying and reselling. 

Complacency is the least attribute to possess these days. Like everyone else, I hope to establish additional channels for income generation. Most companies are either downsizing their operations, declaring bankruptcy or forced to cease operations. I work for a private school and we have our own share of struggle in this global recession. 

A few days ago, I planned to purchase a few items from the US and have it sold locally. However, this would entail cash out from my credit cards and worries about logistics. The nearest I can rely is my freelance work and self-taught photography skills. Unfortunately, my freelance work is another economic casualty. I have unpaid work and clients left me hanging in the tree of uncertainty. I was hoping to score some product photography work, but competition in this field is tight. Even those popular event photographers resorted to product photography. I guess it partly happened because they saw a niche among emerging home-based food businesses. 

It's halfway 2020 and I haven't seen anything optimistic yet. Save for the supportive family members, friends, my job and the company that still pays for my salary.

Before ending this post, I checked the global statistics of covid19 and was alarmed with the death toll in Brazil. The total cases in the country exceeded historical records from the entire Hubei Province in China. I don't intend to promote hate but let's be real, people will always remember China for this pandemic turned global crisis. As most Chinese in Wuhan are returning to their normal lives (watch documentaries from BBC and check some Instagram accounts based in Wuhan), I hope their government will do their share in global social responsibility.

I want to end on a positive note, but how? Maybe this literal "note"can work :p