There are days when I sit down and force myself to write a meaningful post. To be honest, it has become frequent the past months. A lot of things happened the past week, but I'm left clueless and empty. Like everyone else, I'm occupied with worries and all those pessimistic thoughts. 

When all these started, I thought we will simply take a break for a month. It later extended to several months. Soon enough, the world shared my country's struggles. It was no longer a health issue. It translated to a global recession. Every day, I read businesses resorting to downsizing and worst, declaring bankruptcy. The tourism industry was often identified as the leading casualty. Airlines and hotels were frequently reported with the hardest hit. It will take years to revive the industry of travel and leisure.

I'm not sure if people recognize it, but private schools have their own share. If enrollment will not prosper, a number of private schools will end up with the same fate. Take it from me, who has been working for schools, since the start of my career. My head aches with the thought of how many schools will suffer from losses. 

A few days ago, I thought if I can score some product photography work on the side. It cannot replace the pay from my day job. But at the very least, it can provide some money flow. I prayed for some photography work and a returning client came. This explains why my social media accounts were filled with #foodstagram. While doing some photos, my Dad asked if I earn something from it. I said yes but to be honest, my recent earnings cannot even afford a family meal from our favorite, Yellow Cab Pizza. :p I'm not confident to sell my photos. I treat everything as a hobby. Hence, I find it hard to transition to a freelance work. But these days, I guess I have to learn the ropes. Everyone needs to establish alternative sources of income. 

These homemade dips from a client are the best - The lone perk of product photography is having the chance to enjoy free food. 

This is my favorite photo for the week. I hope my client will appreciate it. 

Before this week ended, I finally found a nearby clinic that offers Pneumonia vaccine. This week, I'll be having another round for my flu vaccine. It's additional expense that will hopefully work for me. The trip to the clinic forced me to see my weight. I expected to gain weight, but seeing the real figure made me feel sad. I'm back to my all time heaviest, 150 lbs. :( How to undo? Hahaha 

I checked my work calendar for the week and saw the series of remote meetings. Added to this, I'm nearing another task I dread. The next two weeks will be challenging. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!