If you have a job that allows you to work from home, be grateful.  Consider yourself as one of the few fortunate individuals, who can work, earn and not experience the hassles of physically reporting in a life threatening environment. 

Last week, I started to physically report for work. In my pre-covid19 life, commuting in a third world country is already challenging. Last week, I experienced the new face of commuting. I took a Grab car on the way to work to preserve my energy for a full day meeting.  It's convenient, but expensive. In the afternoon, I walk to the train station and took another Grab ride. I also experimented on different routes. In the end, it became a financially and physically exhausting week. Not to mention all the work related issues and lousy decisions by the national government. 

It feels weird seeing Manila after three months. The usual crowd lessened, which I would appreciate before covid19. These days, it's a constant reminder of our past lives. Before, I can easily meet friends and colleagues after work. There were those random Friday night dinners after a full week. These days, I can't even imagine when will we be able to see each other.

On a usual work day, I can even accommodate some errands. When I'm cramming for a report, I stay at work until 10 pm. I wait for traffic and fare for a Grab Car to subside. Today, I'm bound by limitations. Ther government still implements a nationwide curfew. My favorite Gateway Mall closes at 7 pm. I can no longer visit SM Manila for bills payment, Book Sale and cheapest salmon sashimi. I fear Manila because of the continuous increase in cases. 

My most dreaded task finally ended last week. There were hiccups, but I'm relieved that everything is over. There were follow up tasks, but my adrenaline was already diminishing. I rested, which included taking a leave. Though work never stops, I'm grateful to be on a working leave. Having a job and staying at home is a blessing these days. So those who remain employed and receive their full salaries on a wfm arrangement, please be grateful. I personally experienced how difficult and risky to be physically reporting for work. I wouldn't mind answering emails and writing reports until dawn. I prefer the workload at home, than exposing myself from the unforgiving health threats. 

The school where I work for is bracing for decreased earnings. We recognized the global economic crisis affecting families of different economic classes. Enrollment, which serves as our income generator, will significantly decrease this year. Drastic measures were undertaken, which included reduced work hours, pay cuts and worst, retrenchment. I have colleagues forced to go on early retirement. I'm not sure how other schools are coping. But sure enough, even other businesses are bleeding for survival. 

My head again aches with the thought of work, family and the risks of contacting the disease and the sight of some useless officials. There are people who pretend to be smart and righteous. Our country's fate is unfortunately entrusted to some worthless and selfish individuals. While I still wish for better national governance, I'd rather pray for our hardworking fellowmen, especially those who lost their livelihood and remain dedicated to their jobs, despite the health risks. 

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Wishing everyone a great week ahead!