The past week marked another significant event in the local history. On top of another exponential rise in covid19 cases, a major media outlet in my country was denied of permit to operate. How I wish I could detail my sentiments. Maybe, in another post. I understand that no corporation is perfect. What I felt unacceptable was the lack of professionalism among elected government officials. Those who swore to sincerely serve the nation cannot separate personal issues and vested interests from national concerns. 

This recent event reminded me of the Korean drama, Pinocchio. This K drama made me discover unethical practices in the news industry. It maybe fiction, but sure enough, real life practices inspired the story line. While Pinocchio is 90% sadness and struggles, I appreciate fair imposition of penalties and the opportunity to become better. We can only hope this also happens in reality. 

This week, I thought a food photography project will push through. Unfortunately, looks like client had other plans. In effect, I used the tools and set up for this post. 

I cannot anymore count how many "coronaprenuers," especially those engaged in food businesses, emerge from my social media accounts. #Foodstagram pictures in my feed, invites to a new Facebook page, Instagram account and messages requesting for support and purchase. Everyone is hustling and making all means to generate additional income. I admire those who can establish a reliable site to accommodate an online palengke or market place. 

While everyone is making all means to ensure continuous income, I wish all entrepreneurs also consider the welfare of their customers. Business is beyond earning. Sadly, I had experiences when earning has become the lone priority. Other equally critical factors such as product quality and customer feedback were set aside. More so, when we seek services of our friends, especially those from the graphic design and photography industry. They are also skilled and trained professionals. Let's support their talents and efforts through proper compensation. I personally know how i feels to have unpaid work and committed projects that didn't push through.  

On the lighter side, I gave myself a decent break last week. I took a leave to lessen my physical reporting at work. I went to the grocery, surprised again with the amount I have to pay, accompanied my cousin to purchase a new mobile phone and ended feeling exhausted last weekend. 

A few days ago, I had a quick chat with an elder colleague. He encouraged me to venture on stock market trading. I'm an Economics graduate but admittedly, this is not my turf. I can comprehend stock market figures, but trading is a different story. I was amazed by the amount of money he earns. I was tempted to immediately venture. I read a few articles and decided it's probably not for me yet. I'm inclined on the safer side of investment.

Meanwhile, my favorite OST - I discovered this 1984 hit from my random Spotify playlist. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Stay safe and healthy.