It's hard to find anything optimistic these days. Businesses are either downsizing, declaring bankruptcy or shutting down operations. Recently, this decades old Filipino-Chinese restaurant in Quezon City surprised us with its intention to cease operations. The most coveted kiddie amusement site in BGC also decided to permanently close its doors. 

A lof of these businesses survived wars, natural disasters and previous economic crisis. I never imagined a global health issue can paralyze the entire business sector. With the way things are going, we might end up to another cycle of deep recession. It looks worse than the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis or even the 1930's Great Depression. 

Every one is making all means to survive, especially among my fellow members of the working class. My colleagues for instance are working on reduced work hours and pay cuts. Our enrollment, being our primary source of income, is not prospering. While I don't anymore expect the government to assist in the economic struggle, the least I'm expecting is a better health care management system. 

While it is easy to feel disheartened these days, I find it positively ironic that some things are more than enough to make me happy. When my online orders gets delivered, same goes when my parcels are delivered way ahead of time, some government agencies improved their online processing mechanisms (I have to commend SSS for the fast processing of their calamity loans), seeing Php ZERO in our Meralco bill, empty lines or fast moving counters in supermarkets, courteous employees, colleagues responding fast on emails, our internet connection does not malfunction during a remote meeting and recently, a great meal with my colleagues. Unfortunately, it looks like seeing my colleagues will take a number of months. 

Meanwhile, these rosegold kitchenware will be seen in my blog and Instagram account more often. I purchased these items for myself and supposedly, a photography project for a homebased business. Unfortunately, the owner decided to ignore me. (Nice one!) After releasing my first set of photos, I never heard from her again, despite being so active in Instagram. Looks like another wasted and deceived freelance work. 

Meanwhile, I discovered another great Korean brand. I love 3CE's collaboration with Mickey Mouse. Looks like I found a replacement from my favorite eye shadow shade from The Face Shop. These days, the only make up that works are those we apply on our eye area 😂

These #CLOY postcards!!! - Back in April, I discovered a Thai illustrator producing these really cute drawings of Seri and Captain Ri. After exchanging messages, she agreed to print and send these postcards. Thank you D! I linked her account in one of my Instagram uploads. 

Recently, my friend and I shared thoughts on everyone's financial decisions. As it appears, people prefer to hold on to their money these days. People prefer cash than investment. Though some are taking advantage of the situation to buy cheaper stocks. I'm equally tempted, but I feel that my knowledge and skills on stock market trading needs to improve. There are other forms of investments, one of which is in amazon investieren. Though I still prefer bonds and those low risk investment opportunities. 

I'm about to believe that people prefer to hold on to their money except when I saw some Instagram based sellers still experiencing high volume of sales. Admittedly, I'm one of those supporting Instagram based sellers, on top of colleagues and relatives selling food products. Proof, I always end up leaving the workplace with additional bags of goodies from colleagues. (I have to forget my dreams of becoming the next Heart Evangelista 😂)  

Initially, I thought food products are the easiest to sell, even in online platforms. To my surprise, even those selling luxury items from UK and US and jewelers are experiencing upsurge in sales. Can someone tell us, where does the money come from? 😂 On top of hardwork and patience? 

But honestly, I've been equally tempted to make another set of "unnecessary" shopping. Every now and then, my shopping wish list is growing. 

I've been dreaming of owning a pair of Yeezy's. It has been years!!! My internet connection is not strong enough to acquire a purchase whenever Adidas Ph announces an online release. There are US and PH based resellers. But much to my surprise, the Php 13,000 pair is sold for Php 20,000 and above. 

This Pandora Princess Tiara Ring - Been eyeing this for the longest time, but Php 3,950 for a silver ring is giving me second thoughts. The price can already afford a decent 18k gold ring.

This Prada Tote Bag from UK - Maybe, my 40th birthday gift to myself years from now. (I can't, can I be forever 30?) 

Tous Mesh Gold Bangle - It has been in my wish list for years. I tried it on their SM Mall of Asia shop and it almost fits perfectly. Almost because the PH price point is Php 23,000. 😂

Wishing everyone a great Friday! I was about to say, great week ahead. But heck, this post was finally completed almost a week after Sunday.