Things I'm obsessing these days include the rosegold kitchenwares and statice flowers. There should have been a product photography project lined up the past weeks. Unfortunately, client "ghosted" me. I came in prepared, only to be later left in uncertainty. It feels disrespecting and disheartening. I don't implement contracts and complicated agreements. For me, it's as simple as honoring both verbal and written agreement, even on emails and social media conversation. Anyhow, time to move on. 

Last week, I didn't report for work because of some disinfecting measures implemented in our building. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to work and earn from home. But admittedly, wfm is becoming challenging. The distractions are coming in and procrastination are challenging me. I feel sleepy working on afternoons. Webinars and remote meetings make me feel sleepy after each session. Working from night till dawn complements me, but these days, sleepiness is becoming more powerful. It takes a while to gather my working pace.

On top of trying my best to be productive, there was never a day I thought about my pre-covid19 life. I miss my previous life. I never thought I would miss all those small conveniences. I can go anywhere I wanted. I can easily do field works. I can catch the earliest morning flight on Saturday and take the red-eye flight back to Manila. Other things I miss include 

Visiting parks and museums in Manila - I haven't fully explored the National Museum of the Philippines and Fort Santiago. There are new museums in Intramuros and my hometown. I haven't seen the newly opened wing of Pinto Art Museum. 

Dining in quaint restaurants in my hometown - Once in a while, I would discover a new dining place in Marikina. These days, most restaurants are operating on a take out or delivery basis. I miss eating in places with good interiors. I miss going to Rustic Mornings and Cafe Lidia. 

Mall wide midnight sale - I usually purchase expensive appliances during a mall wide sale. Either I purchase early in the morning or from 9 pm onwards. I can always manage to survive the crowd. But these days, I always avoid the crowd. I also miss staying in the mall until closing hours with my friends T and A.

Catching the last trip of the train - I hate having evening classes because it meant rushing to reach the last trip of the train. Looking back, I can't help but smile. I'm always successful catching the last trip. All the rush were worth it. It also gives me an effortless means to exercise. 

Going to cinemas - Movie dates with my girlfriends :( A tub of popcorn and large coke, forgetting all my concerns for two hours and having dinner with my friend A. I feel sad seeing those closed cinemas in SM.

Bookstores - Bookstores are already open, but I'm doing my share in minimizing the volume of people in Manila. I miss Fully Booked and the National Bookstore in Cubao. Even my favorite online shop, Book Depository is not accepting orders from my country. 

Jogging in my favorite trail - The riverbanks trail from Sta. Elena, SM Marikina to the boundaries of Eastwood -Marikina, eating at Macky's Goto and later visiting the Marikina Public Market for fruits. 

Travel - My relatives have been nagging me to apply for a US visa two years ago. I should have taken the challenge last year. It would have been my first long haul flight. I planned to return to Hong Kong (always a favorite) even on my own. It would take years for these to happen again. 

Friday nights - The fulfillment of Friday night after a week long work, I miss this!!! Dropping by Taco Bell, window shopping at Uniqlo, getting my slice of sansrival from Mary Grace or Cafe Adriatico, braving the traffic from Manila to BGC or Makati, because I will meet my friend A. :) I miss Tim Ho Wan a lot. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Please pray for me and my productivity :p