My usual Sunday post almost made it for next week. Been overwhelmed with work the past few days. Classes will start soon, I'm still completing my module. The google meets are becoming stronger. This week alone, I had my highest number of remote meetings. I still can't get used to rendering presentations, without seeing the faces of my audience. It feels weird talking to your laptop's screen and waiting until someone responds. I'm not sure how it feels during synchronous sessions with students. These days, I want to have a vlogger friend. I need someone who can teach me to look great on remote meetings, proper positioning and lighting, feel confident in front a laptop's screen and handling passive audiences. 

The number of covid cases in my country hit the six digit mark. Months ago, this was the statistic I observed from some larger Latin American countries. My relatively small country is considered as the epicenter of virus in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, looks like nothing is working right. We reverted to stricter quarantine rules. We're faced with more restrictions and looks like my wfm arrangement will be prolonged. I remember back in March, I purchased a makeshift working table to prevent me from working in our dining table. It's not a good idea to work near the kitchen, especially near the refrigerator. :p In my mind, this is just temporary. I will be back to work by April or March. We passed half way 2020, nothing looks optimistic. The temporary working table housed in my room will be used until the end of the year. (Hopefully, everything will be better in 2021) My bedroom has transformed to my official working place.

The last worst recession I remember was the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis. There was also the recession in USA that brought home a number of Filipino friends and relatives leaving them unemployed. Today, my own country is painfully paying and suffering for something we never started. :( The largest food conglomerate in my country shut down around 200 branches. Established hotels declared permanent closure. The decade old restaurants we grew up with shared same fate. My family is dependent on decade old businesses within my hometown. We have our go to barber shop, hair salon, dentist, optometrist to repair shops. I hope our trusted businesses will surpass this crisis. Same goes for other small businesses and families struggling to make ends meet. Our national healthcare system is also in danger of losing fund reserves. 

I still refuse to believe that this will last longer. Still hoping, we will be better soon.