I think my country holds the longest quarantine record in the world. We have been living in quarantine mode since March. We have exceeded Wuhan, Italy and even among our neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Our movements are limited, but I guess everyone is getting adjusted. 

Two weeks ago, the government declared MECQ or the stricter quarantine status. Last Monday, the quarantine rules were relaxed. We reverted to GCQ. When I checked our country's covid19 statistics, nothing looked optimistic. We have increasing trend in all indicators of deaths and new cases. We are far from over. 

It's hard to be optimistic these days. Unfortunately, we don't have a choice. I'm trying to recall some positive news lately. Some accomplished tasks from work. I met my two classes and started a full blast lecture this week. I'll share my experiences in another post. 

The Cath Kidston bags I ordered from UK were almost sold out. Now I feel sad because there's almost nothing left for me. :p This small success is tempting me to purchase another batch of book bags from UK. I have a full time job, but I want to gradually venture on this opportunity. And remember that CLOY pins? I'm so happy with my sales. My only mistake, I should have monitored my earnings well. I guess everything went to all the food purchases from Instagram based sellers. 😂

I had a minor problem with my bank account. A smaller branch of my bank helped me addressed my concern. If only I can transfer my other accounts to this smaller yet better branch. On top of my pending tasks, I just need a dental appointment and to push myself to exercise. I'm back to 150 lbs. :(

I have to end on this post. My thoughts are again ... scattered. Always, trying my best to write something meaningful these days. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!