Work form Home is becoming challenging 

Months ago, I did not see any problem working from home. I'm used to this set up because of my past freelance works. I will spend an entire weekend night to complete a project. I can easily adjust with the change in my sleeping pattern. I also preferred working from night time till dawn. The silence of the entire environment fuels my productivity. I adopted the same approach on the initial months of my wfm arrangement. It successfully worked. Every week, I'm able to complete one full report.

As the community quarantine progressed, changes in the workplace were implemented. We started to have remote meetings. I receive calls from my superiors during the day. Problem is, my body has gotten used to functioning at night and sleeping during day time. My mind does not function well, when the entire workplace is awake. My system got confused. I struggle with my working pace. I can't concentrate, while the workload kept pouring in. I wasn't as productive when the quarantine period started. Let's not even discuss my eating habits and lack of exercise. 

I miss the early months when I spend prolonged hours for a report. I will treat myself to sleep, food and  another Netflix marathon.

On my online classes

Prior to the start of online classes, I thought my only problem was my module and lectures. Turns out, even support infrastructures and my online appearance will bother me. 

1. On earphones and microphones - Like everyone else, I use my earphones. For a while, I endured the garbling sounds while I render my presentation. I bought a pair of airpods that wrecked my credit card. Problem is, I think it does not work well for Google Classroom recordings. While the noise cancellation feature is superb, the microphones is another story. For its price point, I was expecting a lot. 

Most of my colleagues also use wired earphones. Piece of advice, never hold the microphone area near your mouth. It makes you sound annoyingly loud. 

I also saw a few using humongous headphones with protruding microphones. What I noticed, some expensive headphones do not necessarily provide clear voice reception. It's great if you can afford a stand alone microphone with condenser. However, please ensure a sound proof room. Otherwise, it might capture even the unnecessary sounds like your rooster, dog and grab delivery guy. 

2. Room arrangement / background arrangement  - I later realized my room's curtains looked horrible. It felt like a gloomy hospital unit. I transformed my room in less than a week. (Thank you Shopee. Hahahaa) 

White colored clothing with white background wall is a bad decision, especially if you rely on a low resolution laptop camera. I swear, you'll end up like a floating head. Wearing contrasting colors is the key. 

3.  Initially, I felt it was too much to acquire a ring light. I realized its value during my evening classes. Lighting problems solved, but no one told me of the heat I need to bear. I was profusely perspiring with the ring light on. 

4. Wear sunscreen, especially when using a right light or facing a window. I used to hate thick sunscreens leaving my skin so white. I found good use these days. The thick sunscreen may suffice as a foundation, provided you have low resolution or the usual built in laptop camera. 

5. Invest on safe and sturdy extension cords - I think most of us live in houses not ready for wfm and online classes. On top of the usual disturbances, the lack and awkward positioning of electrical outlets is another minor yet irritating concern. 

6.  If you can afford it, have a spare laptop. A good substitute is a tablet or your own smart phone. 

7.  A spare internet service provider is a must for teachers - Sounds expensive, but it really saves the day. It happened to me on a few times, Converge failed me while attending a webinar. If resources allow, invest on those prepaid internet.

I mentioned in my previous post that sometimes, I wish I have a vlogger friend. I hope someone can teach me how to look better online. IRL, looking decent is already a problem. It's another struggle with online classes, google meets and zoom meetings. :p I tried watching the first few recordings of my online classes. I cringed with my expressions. Lesson learned, I should stop making those facial expressions. My uneven face also bothers me. My other cheek is evidently bigger. On some days, I suspect another TMJ related problem. I want it to be corrected but sure enough, I don't wish to be metal mouth again. 

Speaking of vloggers, I noticed the upsurge of vloggers. They have replaced that used to be generation of blogger writers. Recently, You Tube has been giving me vlog suggestions from Cabin Crew or Flight Attendants. To my surprise, there's quite a handful of them. Maybe our current situation also led the increase of their video uploads. It's a sad fate for our airline industry. 

Watching a number of vlogs made me realize that I enjoy those showcasing their profession. I'm particularly fascinated with female Pilot Chezka Carandang and Architect Oliver Austria. I hope they end up together. Hahaha But reality speaks, never. 

Years ago, most vlog contents I encounter focus on reviews and tutorials. The range of content expanded, there are travel vloggers and those showcasing their daily lives. The ones I enjoyed lately are those showcasing interesting professions. Once in a while, I check vlogs of local celebrities. Sadly, I don't get entertained. While I look for light and entertaining contents, I don't enjoy pranks. I check out humor related vlogs and so far, my vote still goes for Lloyd Cadena and Steven Bansil. 

I almost didn't realize, it will be September next week. BER months, most loved by fellow Filipinos. On top of having the longest Christmas celebration, my country owns the record of  the longest quarantine. :(