I always love the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility. I admire companies who take time to invest on relevant and impactful CSR activities. The common CSR activities I observe include tree planting activities, donation drive and uniting with the Brigada Eskwela Projects. The school where I work for also maintains a department responsible for CSR endeavor. In the academe, we call it as Extension Projects or Community Development. 

While I appreciate any form of CSR activity, it pays to examine whether projects post significant contributions for the community. Donation drives are good. My usual question, will those funds fuel long term benefits? Feeding programs are a good idea, but how long can it be sustained? Financial aid helps families address everyday needs. But how long will those financial aid last? Adopting the popular proverb, give a man to fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

Fortunately, there are companies like Sun Life Financial that upholds the concept of contributing in the building of sustainable communities. I was invited by Sun Life Foundation to a remote presentation of their two flagship projects, Sun Pera Aralan and Sun Life Barangay Health Stations. Both are under their Rise Brighter PH Progam. 

Sun Life Barangay Health Stations 

Our current situation has paved the way for people to value their health. While we can always exert all means to prevent illnesses, 
there will be instances when we need the assistance of a health professional. Not everyone has health cards or an extensive insurance coverage. Hospital bills and even a basic consultation from a doctor are not cheap. In effect, it's quite common for Filipinos to endure any health related condition.

Fortunately, there are Barangay Health Stations to provide free medical related assistance. In addition, Barangay Health Stations has the capability to educate members of their community. In some cases, they even provide vaccinations. 

Sun Life recognized the  role of Health Stations or Barangay Health Centers. In effect, it launched the Sun Life Barangay Health Stations. It's primary objective is to help Filipinos achieve healthier lives. More than financial welfare, Sun Life also values physical wellness. The program specifically aided in empowering Barangay Health Stations. 

These days, Barangay Health Stations need to be pro-active as not all Filipinos can afford to visit a hospital.

Sun Pera-Aralan

True to its vision of helping Filipinos achieve financial security, the company spearheaded a financial literacy program for public school teachers. 

Public school teachers receive their salaries on a monthly basis. It's not like in the private sector where we have the 15th and 30th of month. The once a month salary release causes budgeting problems. In most cases, public school teachers are having a difficulty allocating and forecasting their expenditures. They end up with debts, leading them to financial struggles. 

More than seminars, the program offered a behavioral approach of addressing financial management. The program introduced the use of Peso-Sobre. This method enabled to teachers to properly allocate salaries to envelopes or sobre

For more information about Sun Life Foundation's Rise Brighter PH Program, visit them in their corporate page, Instagram or Facebook