As you can see, I'm addicted to dried or preserved flowers the past weeks.

It all started when I saw an upsurge of Instagram based sellers offering flower arrangements. I later learned, they weren't fresh flowers. I was wondering where do these sellers source preserved flowers. To my surprise, the popular flower market in Manila also experienced transformation. Most sellers from the Dangwa Flower Market are no longer selling the usual fresh, expensive and imported tulips, roses, carnations and the like. The absence of commercial flights and restrictions on domestic travel resulted to the difficulty of securing fresh flowers. The longevity of preserved and dried flowers also answers the problem of unsold and withered flowers. As you know these days, customer traffic is an unusual sight on stores selling non-essential goods. 

My workload is not decreasing. Every week, something happens that adds up to my growing list of concerns. My working pace is not cooperating. I'm struggling a lot these days. Classes, office works and all the bills to pay accelerate my age. :p Since I also stay longer at home these days, I consume more internet and TV hours. They form part of my growing expenses and in effect, I'm always searching for practical internet and tv bundles to ensure I have the best deal at the best price possible.

My weight gain and maskne (mask acne) is another source of unnecessary struggle. I used to believe that I'm blessed with a non-acne-prone skin. But the past months, my chin area is consistently producing. I'm also having a difficulty securing an appointment to my dentist.  

What makes me happy these days? 

Grab Food Delivery 😂 - This is really a hard habit to break. I thought of controlling myself. I'll only order after completing a grueling work. The past weeks were frustrating for me in many ways. I try to console myself with food.

Successful Shopee Purchase - Half of my life problems are answered by Shopee. Hahahaha Because quick and random mall visits are no longer possible, Shopee saves the day. 

When Monday ends  - I scheduled my online classes every Monday. The first few weeks were fine. The past week was sabotaged with a poor internet connection. I really feel productive every time I finish a full blast lecture. 

One completed report - It makes me feel that I'm not useless. I have done something good. 

Paid bills - No one told me how liberating this would feel 😂 Unfortunately, the happiness only last for weeks. Next month is another struggle.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Time to say hello to  Jose Mari Chan!!!!!