Things I'm grateful from two weeks ago

Finally securing a schedule to visit my dentist - I finally had my dental cleaning and filling last week. It was a relief to address my teeth discoloration. My worries are gone until December, both for my teeth and hair. I wish everything gets better before the year ends. 

Found a way to order from Kopi Roti - While I'm thankful for Grab Food delivery, food choices in my hometown is quite limited. Unlike in Manila where almost everything can be delivered. My cousin gave in to my Kopi Roti cravings. We bought the most awaited coffee buns and iced mocha. Craving satisfied, setting aside the hefty delivery fee.

Shopee saves the day - Almost everything I need to purchase from the mall are provided by Shopee. Even toiletries and some grocery items are offered. My favorite service feature of Shopee, Dragonpay which allows me to pay via online banking. No need to use my credit card. I also noticed, Shopee's delivery system is faster than Lazada.

My personal items are getting sold in Carousell - I sold my last formal bag. I sold a pair of shoes purchased from the US before covid19 happened. The foldable Cath Kidston overnight bag was also sold. I'm happy that I'm making sales from my personal stuff. But admittedly, I feel partly sad. 

The pictures I produce for my freelance work are picking up. The Instagram based seller, who hired me as a product photographer, sent me insights of my recent photos. I'm happy that my little work is doing something good. She also increased my usual payouts every month. How many employers will automatically offer salary increase? I hope our partnership will remain longer. 

Finding some good movies from Netflix - Netflix offers a lot, which has become quite a problem for me. It's hard to select that one perfect movie or series. Recently, my choices were all perfect. I finally finished Little Women the movie, Anna and The Founder (the story of Mc Donald's). 

Tasks at work are getting stronger. I'm still struggling with my productivity. I feel worried and confused. Attending remote meetings is gradually becoming my least favorite thing to do.

Before I produce a lengthy rant, let me instead end this post with some positivity. I want to take Christmas inspired photos again.