It was another lousy week. I miss those days when I can complete tasks way before deadlines. My long lost productivity is gone. I'm quite successful working from late nights till dawn. Problem is, my eyesight is not cooperating. In the past weeks, I was attacked by incidents of blurred visions after prolonged hours of working. I have to repeatedly wash my face to even read texts from my mobile phone. My panic hormones are sending me signals, will this lead to blindness? Am I becoming diabetic? But seriously, I need to force myself to work smarter and faster. Prolonged time with my laptop is not doing anything good. 

This post should have been published last Sunday, when it was still September. I can't believe it's already October. We have surpassed the initial months of that strict quarantine. Restrictions are being removed, even if covid19 cases are still escalating. While movement across cities in NCR is relaxed, I'm not contented with our current state. Everything looks far from over. We are far from that dream of flattening the curve.

Wishing everyone good health. Maybe next week, I'l be able to write a better post.