Hello!!! I hope everyone is doing well. One of my major tasks ended last week. As always, I banked on my adrenaline and cramming abilities. There were hiccups and hindrances along the way. It felt quite disappointing, but everything is all done. Time to move on. 

Just when I thought I can progress to another assignment, I was given a follow up task. I rested for a while which again led me to rely on my overused cramming skills. I worked until 5:00 am, exhausting my eye sight and accumulating back pains. I also rushed another presentation yesterday. It was a long day with another set of "firsts" in my list. It may not be the most pleasant experience. Trying to convince myself, it's a learning experience to become tougher and better. 

I wanted to shift on rest mode, but my mind is overwhelmed. My tasks keep on multiplying. To be  honest, I have more tasks, compared with last year. I only physically report for work once or twice a week. I'm under wfm arrangement, but I've never been this overwhelmed.  

To intensify my frustrations, I checked my weight this week. I returned to 150 lbs, it was the weight I battled last 2015. I don't anymore wear jeans. I live with my jogging pants, culottes and square pants. My closet is erupting with clothes I can't wear. I consulted my former gym trainor and looks like working out is already a requirement. I'm back to obese 1. The limited movements are adding to my weight. I miss the long walks from work to the train station, climbing 4 to 5 staircases, weekend jog at the river banks and being early in the mall before I meet a client. Given all the wfm assignments, I don't even know if I still have the energy to exercise. But it has to happen, I have to start torturing myself again. 

Meanwhile, a few good things that make me happy

Emily in Paris - I've read the worst reviews. Some claimed that Emily dressed like an Asian tourist. Some personifications were unrealistic. It's impossible for a young professional to acquire a Chanel. The series kept me company while cramming a report. But to be honest, I was entertained. I also gained a few insights on social media management. I don't have problems with what others claimed as a shallow plot and that Emily is a problematic and impatient millennial. It's enough that I got entertained with the sceneries and the culture clash of French and Americans. 

This spooky cat pumpkin jar from Starbucks - I joined a Starbucks Collectors group in Facebook at the peak of the quarantine months. But truth to be told, I prefer Bo's Coffee and Figaro. :p But I admit, Starbucks produces the best merchandise than other coffee shops. I collected a few of their bear and barista key chains and those beautiful tumblers ... on sale. :p 

I may rarely go out, but the Facebook group kept me updated with Starbucks' latest seasonal merchandise. I also discovered that our neighboring Asian countries like South Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong always gets the best Starbucks merchandise. Last week, I saw the jar from a Singapore based member that retails for Php 1,500. But my helpful cousin accidentally saw the item in a local branch at a cheaper price. So there, another unnecessary purchase.  

The Odd 1s Out Sequel - I enjoyed the first installment of the book. I was looking forward for a copy but I rarely visit bookstores these days. This fueled my attempt to try Fully Booked's online shop. I have no regrets, Fully Booked is one of the best and fastest online shops I encountered these days. Books are packed well and shipped immediately, maximum waiting time is 3 days. On my next posts, I'll probably show other books I acquired from their site. 

Speaking of Fully Booked, I miss visiting their BGC branch. Likewise, I still dream that I can work in that place even for a freelance stint. 

Shades of autumn - I was hoping to achieve an autumn look in my photos. For some reason, I love the vibe of autumn, even if we never experienced it in Ph. It signals the end of another year and a prelude to my favorite holiday. I also enjoy reading and seeing thanksgiving stories of friends and relative abroad. It makes me think again, if all these things didn't happen....