Time Check: : 11:34 pm of Monday - The work never stops. I spent the entire days recording my class discussions and attending meetings. I checked my schedule and feels like nothing is being accomplished. The tasks are multiplying on their own while my emotional hormones are overworking.  I buy sinful food in the hope to destress. But recently, I only finish a few servings of anything I ordered. The ref never runs out of half-finished food from deliveries. I also noticed an unusual level of hair loss. My facial skin is usually oily. The past few weeks felt weird because of minor skin flaking from my forehead. Even sleeping has become a challenge. I'm wide awake at 2:00 am. 

In the middle of everything, I felt the need to have a good cry. I hope this will fade away soon. I just want to feel okay, Or maybe, I just needed some escape. But deep inside, I wish all my deliverables will get sorted out before our Christmas break. Sometimes, I wish I can easily meet my friends these days. It will make a difference. Next month, I don't even know if I see them in time for Christmas. 

I wish I have more positive things to say. But I feel like a mess these days. :( Hopefully, better things next week.