This post has been sitting in my drafts for more than a month. The usual excuse, cramming with work. Once in a while I log in to continue writing. In the end, I will feel discouraged because of other concerns to attend. 

I had the need to physically report for work the past few weeks. There were events that required us to stay late. While I appreciate the rare times I see my workplace friends, traveling to work has become expensive. Months ago, I tried my usual commuting route. I gave up. I take the costly Grab rides instead. But deep inside, I miss the faster and convenient train rides. Moving to different places also takes a lot of effort these days. Everything has to be planned and scheduled. I miss the times when I can easily attend to errands and visit places. 

Today, my onsite reporting has ended. I'm at the comforts of home and savoring the perks of working in a school. We have our regular Christmas break for two weeks. It's the most awaited breather, except that I took home a lot of work. On top of my administrative work, here comes another set of modules to prepare. We hold on to online classes for the second semester. Like everyone else, I miss the traditional teaching set-up. But online classes and modules serve as our best option. I admit, the approach is not perfect but I'm beyond thankful for cooperative students and understanding parents. Same goes for families who made all means to pursue their children's enrollment. The school fees you have paid saved families of teachers and support staff. We will not have our 13th month pay and monthly salaries without your trust in the system. 

I have a lot of stories to tell but as always, overwhelmed. I ended the first semester of online classes, celebrated my birthday and more importantly, this blog has turned 10 years old!!! I think I have to write a decent post to celebrate this. :)