Almost halfway of the first month of 2021 is over, but everything still feels like 2020. A year passed, nothing much has changed. There are still quarantine restrictions. We still wear masks and face shields. It takes additional effort to attend on errands. From my end, I started reporting to work last week. The tasks and deadlines are getting stronger. It felt like I'm someone who will become a disaster soon. I started overthinking again. In the end, I exhaust myself without accomplishing anything. My only consolation, I have a group of colleagues turned friends. I'm thankful for having a small yet strong support system. 

Facebook memories and Instagram archives are good in reminding me of life the past years. I was recently reminded of the Taal Volcano eruption. Its effects were felt in Manila, on the night when we experienced unexpected ash fall. Classes were suspended and on the succeeding days, wearing of face masks were encouraged. A few weeks after, our worst nightmare happened. Everyone was clamoring for imposing travel ban from flights originating in China. But government had other plans, which led to our worst nightmare. 

On the lighter side, I remember it was this time when I started to marathon Crash Landing on You. I was rushing a critical freelance work. This Korean drama series kept me company and how timely, the series ended the day I submitted my output. We were aware of COVID19, but never imagined its after effects will change our lives. A year after, the virus is still alive with a new strain. 

Before 2020 ended, I had plans of reducing my physical reporting for work. I wanted me and my colleagues to WFM. Unfortunately, looks like the opposite will happen. From once to twice a week physical reporting last year, we have to render extended onsite reporting. On top of our deliverables, I'm always worried for my colleagues. My heart always prays that they'll be protected and spared from anything life threatening. 

While others can easily sound optimistic, this is me feeding my body with all the possible worries. :p My first week at work made me feel all nervous and uneasy. If it is not too much to ask, can I wish for something encouraging, inspiring or anything to make me smile before this week ends. :)  Pwede bang kiligin naman ako this week? I can't remember when was the last time I felt it. :D