Following the year that we have had, there is no surprise that a lot of people are looking to treat themselves this coming Spring. Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a new wardrobe or a new furry friend, there are numerous ways to reward yourself for making it through one tough year. If you are searching for this season's must-have items, you have come to the right place, trendsetter. We have compiled an easy-to-read list of the must-have items this Spring, perfect for treating yourself or a loved one. 

Shoes: Trendy shoes naturally change with the seasons and are available in several colours, shapes, prints, and sizes; there is something on offer no matter your taste. While some people might opt for a shoe suitable for travelling and rambling – as I'm sure many of you are wanting to get out and travel after 2020 – others will be looking for the wardrobe staple. If you are looking for designer brands, like that of Valentino shoes, we have you covered! SSENSE provides customers with an exquisite range of designer shoes, ranging from platforms and heels to flats; and you can't go wrong with Valentino.

Bags: This is something that is not set to be restricted to the more traditional handbag we have become so used to. Word on the street is that designer handbags will be replaced with humbler counterparts, including some that have been hand-crafted at home. With the light at the end of the tunnel almost here, travel plans are sure to be considered in the coming months. Having something understated like a humble tote bag is sure to complement any outfit you will be wearing. From the fashion runway to that in an airport, you will be setting trends and turning heads no matter where you go. 

Face Masks: The fashion statement of 2020 that we can be sure of! While some countries have been wearing masks for years, there are many out there where these have become a new phenomenon. Naturally, designer brands have taken things up a notch and begun creating face masks that are aesthetically pleasing and will blend in or stand out from the outfit you are wearing. Indeed, something that should be considered when shopping for a new wardrobe, you will be keeping yourself safe while rocking the trendiest prints on the high street. What more could you want when making a statement?

While styles and trends change regularly, we are confident that these fashion statements will be here to stay for a while yet! Particularly compared to the clothes that we have been wearing for most of this year – shoutout to our dressing gowns – there is sure to be no right or wrong style to wear in the coming months! Showing up in vibrant and out-there items is sure to create a whole new way of wearing fashionable items while allowing you to express yourself in the way you want. Dress up, show up, and get out to explore the world once more!