A few weeks before my first taste of online classes, I thought I had enough resources at home. A quiet room, table, spare laptop and a new set of wired earphones. Weeks passed, I continuously purchased items to improve my short lived wfm set up. The most expensive purchase was the AirPods Pro. 

Like my other stories, I never had intentions of acquiring a pair of AirPods. Back then, I was already contented with my wired earphones from Defunc. The sound output was good. In like manner, my voice appeared clear and loud enough on both online meetings and recordings. My only complaint, my ears hurt after prolonged use. The version I own does not come with silicon plugs. 

Weeks after I started my classes, my cousin allowed me to try her new AirPods Pro. It was my first time to use a wireless earphones and suffice to say, I was impressed. The sound output was exceptional. The voice reception on calls made via from my iPhone was also impressive. My ears didn't hurt after hours of use. The noise cancellation feature also made it for me. For the first time, I don't hear disturbances and can focus with either my class or office work. Th wireless feature also won my heart. I can enjoy Spotify even if I'm away from my phone or laptop. I can quietly watch my favorite series even if my phone or laptop are resting on my table. I can go to the toilet while having online meetings with the AirPods. :p

The AirPods Pro was almost perfect except for recording and online meetings. I noticed my voice sounded hollow and garbled with the wireless and bluetooth powered AirPods Pro. I made all adjustments but sadly, the AirPods Pro was a disappointment. The wired earphones made better voice output on both recordings and live meetings. 

I sought assistance from friends but sadly, it looks like having wired earphones serves as the better option. I don't know, but some YouTubers who reviewed the AirPods showed remarkable voice recordings. Maybe because they were using their iPhones with the recording. I feel that the voice output and recording is different from Google Meets, Zoom and other teleconferencing platforms used in a laptop. 

At this point, I'm enjoying the AirPods for recreation. When I use Spotify or finish a Netflix series on the way home. On a few times, I can answer a call without taking the phone from my bag. If I can return to my weekend jogging, the AirPods would have been a great companion with my iPhone. But for work purposes, it didn't serve me well. To be honest, it's something I can live without.