For the longest time, I no longer dread Mondays. Set aside the exaggeration, I never imagined this would happen in my years of working. I look forward for Mondays because it's the only day when I can wfm. Given my current situation where I work onsite, every wfm opportunity counts. 

On Mondays. I have early morning and afternoon classes. Most of the time, I cram on Sunday nights to prepare lectures. I maybe sleep deprived but as soon as my first session starts, my system automatically shifts to another mode. The rest of the week, I work onsite with my non-teaching colleagues or the support staff. 

Compared with my support staff colleagues, I feel fortunate because I never experienced a reduction in my pay. The faculty personnel are likewise privileged because they are 100% wfh and their salaries remained the same. So even if going to work is becoming more expensive and exhausting, I always condition myself that I'm in a better place. Though admittedly, I still have days that end with tears and spending the next day with fears. Worries about the family and everyone's health, growing finances, aging and that major project at work. I feel like I'm a mess waiting to burst soon. 

Someone is always testing my patience and composure every week. As much as I don't want to oblige, some situations demand the I make my strength and presence felt. I usually don't have problems in rendering apologies. But sometimes, I have to skip the apologies because we have to set things straight. I never imagined I would be engaged in some unnecessary arguments. On top of choosing apologies, my takeaway is to always remain calm and professional. Even some workplace battles require a degree of class and grace. :p 

This digital portrait serves as my reminder that I once had a great wfh life. I hope I look this cute in real life. :p Or at the very least, look cute and adorable in someone's else's eyes. #HelloWorkplaceCrush ahahahaha