One major task down, more to go. 

This task has been scheduled months ago but as always, I ventured to another cramming adventure. There were days when I didn't sleep at all. I don't promote this habit but sure enough, the fulfillment after is so priceless. The best sleep comes after days of being sleep deprived. 

I felt accomplished for a few hours. But soon enough, reality made its presence felt. I felt like a mess again. :( In my attempt to destress and divert my attention, I visited places that were once part of my pre-covid19 work life. I rode the train, dropped by Gateway Mall and had my phone line upgraded. I picked up a takeway meal from Taco Bell and dropped by Uniqlo. It was a bad decision because soon enough, I took home another paper bag of clothes. To my defense, my closet is almost half empty and all the items I purchased were on sale. :)  I accepted my fate that those skinny jeans, knitted blouses and cowl neck tops will no longer fit my weight.  Years ago, I was a constant client of Kamiseta, Bayo, Plains and Prints, Apple & Eve and Zara. But aging, weight issues and business closures came. The nearest branches of my favorite brands shut down operations. I'm left with Uniqlo and H&M. My office wear has been muted. I shifted from skinny jeans to culottes, loud prints to black and dark monotone shades. I really envy those people who managed to lose weight and save more than enough money last year. 

Second Chances - Watching 18 again kept me company while cramming for a critical week at work. Nobody warned me of the tearful and heartwarming episodes. I underestimated the series. I thought it was like 13 going on 30. Turns out, it was beyond a couple's relationship struggle. It was so relatable because it dealt with regrets, second chances and fulfilling your dreams. It was originally based from the US film, 17 again. It has a western plot but the Korean team excellently transformed it in an Asian setting. Typical among Korean dramas, it has emphasis for respect for elders and deeply rooted family relationships. 

Two years - I have another timeline to work on. While I can't write everything in detail, it's another transition point in my life. Decisions are to be made. Will I still have work? Am I financially prepared? Will it be another stage of painful ending and beginning? But my real sentiments, will everything be worth it? 

The thoughts are more than enough to exhaust and scare me. 

I always want to end a post on a positive note. But these days, I can't help it. If there's anything, I'm thankful for my family and my remaining support system.