Another month ended and soon enough, Q1 down

Workload is getting stronger. Sleepless nights before every week starts seem to become a habit. I'm on that stage when all work assignments seem to be a priority. Everything is in rank one, leaving me all exhausted and frustrated. Most of the time, it feels like I'm not achieving anything. A completed task always translates to another incoming task. 

The few times I feel relaxed is whenever I have lunch with my few workplace friends, those quiet and comfortable Grab rides and as always, Fridays. The past weeks meant dropping by Gateway Mall to attend on errands. A year ago, Friday nights are spent either on National Bookstore or Fully Booked. But these days, Uniqlo has become my usual pre-weekend destination. I've been buying clothes for three consecutive Fridays. (This habit has to end. Hahaha) My repetitive excuse is my weight, on-going sale and half-emptied closet. I feel regretful because unlike other people, I didn't capitalize on the quarantine months to lose weight. :( Months ago, work was lighter. I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to take care of myself. At this rate when I report onsite everyday, my chance to exercise and work out becomes impossible. 

My successful weight loss journey last 2018 was a result of 95% exercise and 5% diet. I have accepted that diet will never translate to my system. But these days, it's quite impossible to exercise. Hence, I'm forced to rely on diet. Problem is, my mind is not conditioned to diet especially on days when work feels exhausting. Food tastes better when I'm either pressured or stressed. :p I've been craving for another round of samgyup session with my cousins, Anne and few colleagues. Grilled pork, iced cold coke and friends are happiness. 

On those rare quiet times, I watch a few episodes of some Korean drama. These days, I'm watching Penthouse and 18 Again. I haven't even finished Start Up. Even my drama series remains not accomplished. 

On top a good plot, I enjoy the sceneries and the slimmest body frame of every Korean actress. Why does everyone have choptstick legs and the smallest faces? But in my mind, will I ever return to those slim legs and waist? I miss wearing those skinny jeans and button down long sleeves. 

My social media accounts reminded me of life a year ago. Looking back, we started wearing masks this time last year. Back then, I only wear masks whenever I'm in Manila. In my hometown, everyone still felt secured. But these days, face mask is life. I'm quite proud that as compared with other countries, my fellow Filipinos are relatively obedient. 

It was also this time last year when disposable masks and alcohol started to become scarce. A month after, the Php 200 box of disposable masks ballooned to Php 700 to 900. What's left on the racks of drugstores and supermarkets are those lower grade or 40% alcohol and sticky hand sanitizer. 

There is a significant event at the workplace that forced me to purchase a formal wear. I purchased a jumpsuit from Karimadon and a pair of heels, both remained unworn. :p I also purchased my dream Cath Kidston luggage set for an upcoming trip. The luggage remains unused. :D My mother took the initiative to hide it somewhere. Haha I guess she felt my sadness. I have travel fund credits, but I don't think I will ever use it in the next two to three years. 

My uncle, who has been bugging me to arrange my US visa in time for my January 2020 travel, felt so regretful of the opportunity I wasted. Had I known that travel will be restricted, I should have made all means to experience that one last international flight in the early 2020 or late 2019. 

I can add more list in my regrets. But TBH, I think I have moved on. The things I regret are limited on those months I had the chance to start up weight loss efforts and maximized the time I still had wfm arrangements.