Months ago, I was struggling with my work arrangements. I work onsite 3 to 4 times a week. The expensive Grab rides, adjusting to colleague's availability, uncooperative wfm colleagues, endless complaints, deadlines and risk of contracting the virus, were all challenging my well-being. The two-day wfm days do not feel relaxing at all. A day is devoted to teaching assignments and another day to infuse more panic and stress to myself. :p

I thought this arrangement would remain until the semester ends. Unfortunately, my country is experiencing a second wave of Covid19 cases. Just when the vaccination program started, a surge was observed.  Life didn't get better; we reverted to ECQ or stricter restrictions. We thought ECQ will only happen once in our lifetime. Turns out, we have Season 2 in Manila. 

I'm forced to work from home again. While I appreciate the opportunity to work in the safety of home, my deliverables don't make me feel secured. Unfortunately, some work can only be accomplished by reporting onsite. In like manner, not all colleagues are performing under wfm arrangements. I feel frustrated because I don't have a choice but to salvage non-performing people and tasks they refuse to accomplish. 

I tried to finish all tasks before the Holy Week break. One pending project was finally submitted with the help of a new colleague. I hope to end another task this week. Same goes with another dream project, which is a collaborative work of junior and senior colleagues. 

I didn't force myself to work the past days. I rested, even though my mind is occupied with work. I marathoned some Korean Drama series. I enjoyed the ruthless plot of Penthouse and the comeback series of Song Joong-ki. Vincenzo on Netflix is love!!!! I love everything about the series. Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo is showcasing another stellar acting performance. Jeon Yeo-beeen, the leading lady, highly complemented Song Joong-ki's character. More importantly, the plot elevated the quality of mystery, thriller and dark humour. 

On responding to stress - Aside from taking breaks, I found refuge on anti-aging products. After years of using products from The Body Shop, I shifted to Olay because of Retinol. The Filipino dermatologists I followed always recommend the use of products with Retinol. I hope the eye cream and facial serum will work. My eye area needs additional TLC these days. 

Since we are on ECQ Season 2, I was hoping to have my share of self-improvement. I envy those people who lost weight, developed brighter skin, saved more than enough money and seemed to have a more relaxed life. While I can't achieve relaxation, I was hoping to, at the very least, register some self-improvements. 

Despite of everything, here's to wishing everyone a Blessed Easter. May we all have a better and productive week ahead. 

I can't wait for breakfast and another bowl of DIY Laksa, courtesy of Coco Mama and some instant kimchi ramen.