A few weeks ago, a former client asked my opinion about the rising COVID19 cases in my country. Halfway March, my country recorded 15,000 new cases in one day. Though the Department of Health immediately admitted that the 3,000 cases were accounted from late reporting. Nevertheless, having 12,000 new cases is beyond alarming. 

The former client was not convinced of the statistics. She claimed some hospitals account deaths to COVID19, even if the patient died of other complications. I replied that if such is the case, then Statistics is not the problem. The process involved in the generation of Statistics is the culprit. I didn't bother to express my thoughts further. 

Fast forward today, I hope my former client is already convinced that the figures are not exaggerated. COVID19 is becoming closer to home. The two tertiary hospitals in my hometown is filled with tents and parking spaces converted as emergency centers for COVID19 patients. A number of colleagues were infected weeks after our last onsite reporting. Every week, I have cousins forced to isolate after direct exposure with an infected colleague. Whenever I check my Facebook newsfeed, I discover former students and acquaintances asking prayers for recovery. This week, I sensed something off with a very close friend. Turns out, the entire family was infected.  I don't need further proof. 

On the never-ending work - I was 100% WFH when we reverted to ECQ, the stricter quarantine restrictions. I'm grateful for the opportunity to WFH while having supportive colleagues. But workload is tougher. I'm never been this occupied in my entire work life. I will never get used to the frustrations, disappointments and those silent crying moments. 

I used to be contented with my skin. But these days, I feel that everything is deteriorating. I have acne and hyperpigmentation. Even the smallest insect bite leaves the darkest scar. My eyes always look tired. Some parts of my face are flaking, while another area is excessively oily.  Let's not even talk about my weight. I'm at my heaviest lbs today. :(  

I always say that I'll start the exercise as soon as this major project at work is done. I failed to realize that work never stops. I should have conditioned myself to insert exercise in my very disorganised work schedule. There are days when I become productive from night time till dawn. But when meetings happen,  I'm forced to reverse my body clock. I envy our faculty colleagues guaranteed of 100% wfh arrangements. Most of them have a lesser workload, lost weight and have all the time and opportunity for self-care. 

I try to avoid social media the past few days. I keep receiving ads on weight loss, skincare, glutathione capsules, plus size clothing and worst, dating sites?!?! :D Added to it the never-ending friend suggestions of people trying to either inspire or complicate my life. :p I keep on stalking "my person of interest," even if I see the same details. :D Oh well, if things don't progress, the least I want is to regain my healthy skin, lose weight and became a better person in the next months.  

But TBH, I can never let go of my social media accounts, particularly the messaging platforms. It provides me reach to my few and limited support system. To my friends, apologies for my clinginess. :) Your patient responses are helping me to make it each day. 

And some optimistic news... 

Before this week ended, my superior called me for that critical meeting. The great news is, I'm assured of another work year. I hope I can deliver this significant project this year. It's the only way I can return the trust and opportunity given to me. 

Both my parents received their first dose of COVID19 vaccine. They are bound for their second dose in May. This gives me some point of relief. Hopefully, I and the other members of the working populace will receive our only protection. 

I received some heartwarming words from a colleague. What I know for sure, leaving for words of appreciation never fails, especially these days. If you have the chance to appreciate someone, please never hesitate.