SHEIN is everywhere in my social media accounts. I've seen ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on a few times, in TikTok. The brand was familiar, but it took me some time to recall my first encounter. It turns out, I once made a sponsored content for the brand. 

It took me a couple of years before I made my first order. My biggest influencers included my cousins and a few local bloggers I follow. After receiving some unexpected blog earnings, I used my Paypal balance to order a few items. 

First thing I noticed, the variety of choices. Aside from clothes, SHEIN offers footwear, bags, make up tools and a few times for home. My initial goal was to acquire the Gucci inspired mules. But these days, shoes are the most unused accessories for me. I'm  also starting to set aside my sneakers only because skinny jeans no longer looks good on me. I was a sneaker and jeans convert years ago. But since June 2020, I wear skirt pants or culottes to hide my heavy thighs. All of a sudden, my ballet flats became alive again. It's the only thing that can complement my culottes. 

Since I opened my weight issues again, I always felt the need to have new clothes. I already cleaned my closet and as expected, nothing looks good on me anymore. I was hoping SHEIN can help in reviving the sad and boring clothes left on me. 

The temptation to add to cart was so hard to resist. I ended with a few pieces, all tops for my online classes and the times I need to report onsite. 

Looks really nice from the website's photos but turns out, the fabric was too sheer. There weren't enough reviews when I purchased this item. But my observation was validated with the reviews from a similar style. 

This in effect, leads me to a piece of advice, always refer to the helpful reviews. Fortunately, SHEIN has a community of buyers with reliable reviews. I followed some of the reviews and ignored the others. Turns out, the voice of the customers was generally accurate. 

The actual item I purchase is already sold out. A similar version in another color is available as of date. 

Same experience with the previous item, I need an inner wear for this blouse 

The blouse's fabric really looks thick from the website. You can find the item here
On the good side, the sizing measurement for this blouse was consistent. 

I was similar designs of these blouses from Zara years ago. These are way cheaper but the fabric is way better than the previous blouses. Almost perfect, except that the sizing failed me. The black top was too small and the other emerged one size bigger. 

Actual product link here
I can't anymore find the link for the other blouse. 

The shirt looks nicer in person but TBH, the fabric is likewise too thin. I'm planning to wear this with a red knitted cardigan during the launch of a project, I envisioned with a colleague. It's an appreciation program named H.E.A.R.T.S.. Hence, the shirt design.  The problem is, I don't know if the project will push through. I'm excited for this rare opportunity and I'm holding to the slightest chance that it would prosper. 

Product link here

On a scale of 1 to 5, I'll give SHEIN 3 of out 5 stars on the quality of the clothes I ordered. The designs are consistent with the photos on the site. My only reservation is the fabric quality. In general, the fabric is thin and does not feel durable. As some articles would say, it's on the side of disposable fashion. 

On the positive side, I was satisfied with SHEIN's speed of shipping. 

March 11, 2021 -  I placed my order.
March 12, 2021 -  My order was shipped
March 20, 2021 -  My order arrived. Given the quarantine restrictions, I believe SHEIN's speed of shipping can be considered fast. 

The package originated from China and was delivered to my doorstep. I wasn't charged with taxes or inspection fee. Unlike in another China-based site (Ali Express), additional fees are required because they use Fedex for shipping.