Stress Relief - So soothing to hear but in reality, rarely experienced. My deadlines are getting stronger. Deliverables keep coming. My skin problems are likewise making its presence felt. Pressure is everywhere in my system.  The entrance of Q3 is frightening me each day. 

If not food, the rare opportunity to talk with colleagues turned friends have provided me some breather. They don't necessarily help me address my problems, but their mere presence is more than enough. 

The school where I work will continue online classes for the next school year. The kids and parents are disappointed, same goes with the people behind the operations. The spaces and facilities of the school remain idle. Schools have previously invested in physical infrastructures, but COVID-19 ruined everything. Unlike other businesses, schools cannot liquidate these investments because we have to be prepared on the possibility of returning to face to face classes. Unfortunately, this possibility is still hard to imagine. From my end, I don't think private education will resume 100% face to face classes soon. Assuming things will get better, schools are looking forward to adapting  hybrid education in the future. 

This made me remember the webinar on crisis management I attended a few days ago. The concept of post-pandemic life was discussed. While most businesses are still coping with the adverse effects of COVID-19, here comes another challenge. We have to consider the business landscape after the pandemic.

Private Schools don't expect enrollment to prosper, even after the pandemic. I guess the majority is contented with a profit margin enough to sustain the school's operations and ensure its sustainability. I checked the financial standing of other businesses like Cebu Pacific Air, it's heartbreaking to see this for a local business. Our hands are tied with all the uncertainties. I don't wish to witness another batch of retrenchment, colleagues struggling with reduced salaries, students forced to stop schooling and those who can't graduate because of unpaid balances. This has to end and hoping that the next administration will lay out better plans. 

Meanwhile, on the lighter side of life... 

Bath and Body Works Body Wash - I used to encounter Bath and Body Works (BBW) at NAIA Terminal 3 and a few times, from friends who visited the USA. The usual BBW products I encounter are pocket size hand sanitizers, which TBH, I don't use. I wasn't interested in the brand until I discovered their candles and later, this body wash that received great reviews. Except for the price tag, I'm willing to try their line of body wash. 

The only anti-dandruff shampoo that works for me is Nizoral. Unfortunately, it's always out of stock, both in Watsons and Mercury Drug. Sellers from Shopee and Lazada are offering it in an exaggerated price. A few months ago, I discovered The Body Shop's ginger shampoo and conditioner duo through a sale. I underestimated the potential of the product. Yes, it's expensive but its effects are working. 

We had mother's day lunch last weekend at home. As always, it's courtesy of Grab Food Delivery. It's the best treat my family can avail these days.

Wishing everyone a better week ahead!