I can't believe we're almost halfway 2021. My deadlines are getting tighter. If there's anything that lessened the work these days, it's the fact that classes are over. I can focus on my administrative related works. Upon checking my project timeline, the critical activities will end on October 2021. I was hoping that somewhere along the way, some good things will happen. It's those perfect little moments that help me keep going. On top of the threat that I might probably lose my job when my deliverables fail. :) 

I miss the company of my friends. I miss my quiet and peaceful train rides, random visits to bookstores, jogging in my favorite trail at the riverbanks, takeouts from Taco Bell, Friday night cake slices,  samgyupsal with colleagues, the best takoyaki in the Recto Station of LRT2, unplanned meet up with Anne in Ayala or BGC, midnight sale in SM with my cousins, saying yes to unexpected seat sales from Cebu Pacific, discreet out of town trips with friends .... my life has drastically changed. More than half of these are no longer possible today. 

If there's anything great, both my parents have completed their vaccination. In my case, I'm still waiting the notice from the City Government of Marikina. I listed myself in the category of teachers and social workers. Some of my neighbors without comorbidity already secured their schedule. Same goes with colleagues from other municipalities. To be honest, I can't help but feel a degree of envy. I honestly applied for my vaccine slot. Yet some privileged people were given the opportunity to be included in the advanced list. I'm holding on to my integrity but sometimes, it feels disheartening that the government allows such inequality to prevail. 

Pardon my drama, but it's quite challenging to find anything good these days. I'm trying my best to remember anything good, perhaps these will do

1. Successfully opened another Pag-ibig MP2 account online - In other progressive countries, online transactions with government agencies may already be basic. In the case of the Philippines, we are still on the early stage of everything. Thanks to COVID19, agencies were forced to expedite their digital transformation. To my working friends, please consider investing your hard earned money via Pag-ibig MP2. The returns are way better than having your money sleep in less than one percent interest of local banks.

2. Found another reliable hair salon - Shallow, girl problems :p Thank you T&J Salon SM San Mateo branch. I hope this will be the start of another long term relationship. 

3. Having patient and understanding senior colleagues - TYL!!!  They have been patiently assisting me with my project.

4. My weeks long backache is gone except that my skin has been overcooked with oil and hot compress. I can finally resume exercise. 

5. Book Depository resumed shipping to the Philippines. I'm not sure if I still have time to read. I'm most likely heading to coffee table books again.