Halfway 2021, surviving year 2 of the pandemic

It was the first week of June last year when I started to physically report for work. After three months of full time wfh, I joined a few colleagues in our initial attempt to remain business as usual. Everyone was adjusting to the new working environment with limited public transportation, lesser traffic but longer walks to the workplace, walking around quiet hallways and empty classrooms, limited canteen services and restrictions of not seeing our colleagues. Me and my non-teaching colleagues aka "team onsite" made everything happen, even if most of them are working on reduced salaries. 

While faculty members are fulfilling their responsibilities in the comfort of their homes, the silent group of non-teaching staff ensures that operations are in place. I may no longer be a support staff, but TBH, I'm proud of those years. It prepared me and paved the way for a critical transformation in my career life two years ago. I hope other aspects of my life will experience the same degree of advancement. My closest friends know what I mean. ❤️Haha 

Speaking of ❤️, I chanced an award-winning Filipino movie last week. Mamu: And a Mother Too will be one of my favorites for 2021. It deals with the life of a middle-aged transgender sex worker. Like any other member of the workforce, she is struggling to make ends meet. Her goal was to have breast implants to make her more competitive in her field  A critical part of the story was when she took custody of her orphaned transgender nephew. As expected, it highlighted issues affecting the LGBT community. But what made me appreciate the film is the depiction of love in many ways. There's love found in friendships, romance and motherhood transcending gender issues. 

Independence Day - If COVID-19 didn't happen, there would be school festivities to commemorate this local holiday. Though it's far from reality, I'm still hoping for the return of face-to-face classes in the future. But a recent conference I attended confirmed my apprehensions. We will no longer return to the traditional delivery of education. The educational system cannot adapt to our preferences. It's the system that has to be continuously revamped with all the uncertainties of this pandemic. 

On a personal level, Independence Day gave me a different meaning this year. Two years ago, there was a drastic change in my career life. The month of June marked Day 1 of my new role. It was an opportunity I didn't embrace. I woke up feeling exhausted, afraid and irritated. For almost two years, I carried guilt that shouldn't have existed in the first place. I relearned what a superior told me, never trust anyone except yourself. In the end, I felt relieved that I finally gained the freedom from oppressive, manipulative and deceiving people and situation. 

I haven't had a decent out-of-town trip for the past two years. Work-Home has become an exhausting routine. If not for online shopping and food delivery, sleep has become my refuge. A sleep in a comforting bed is my new of luxury these days. In a few weeks, I'll be sharing my experience with this gift I received from Emma Sleep Philippines

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!