Before COVID-19 happened, 90% of my life was spent away from home. Life was about work, errands and on a few times, meeting a few friends. Then life drastically changed last year. Even if I already work onsite, I still spent much of my time at home. 

With all the changes and never ending adjustments, even my spending patterns evolved. I don't anymore buy books, clothes and sneakers. My bedroom is a perfect showcase of my transformed buying behavior. It started with the wfh office furniture. A few months after, I replaced my decades old bed frame and a mattress to match the bed frame. 

Halfway this year, I was approached by Emma Mattress Philippines. Before the arrival of the mattress, I searched information and reviews. I discovered a company that took the science of sleeping on a different level. They don't simply produce durable mattresses. Everything starts from research and development efforts, which focused on studying understanding sleeping issues. Hence, every mattresses is designed to complement anyone's lifestyle and address common sleeping problems. 

The website of Emma Mattress Philippines provides everything you need to know about their technology. I also love that their website's contents are comprehensive and easy to understand. 

It arrived in a box. 

I was wondering how a thick mattress can fit in a box. 

The vacuum technology used in squeezing the mattress amazed me. The real depth is finally showing up. 

This is where the technology happens. Each Emma Sleep mattress is comprised of three layers.

Breathable eco-friendly foam - The blue layer complements the always summer weather in the country. Its breathable feature prevents moisture and overheating. It also addresses my preference for a softer and comfortable mattress. While I appreciate the excellent support of firm mattresses, I still prefer to experience the comfortable plush feel. 

The thickest middle layer is where the technology works. This provides pressure relief and the much needed comfort for sleep.

Supportive elastic foam - As described by Emma Sleep, the thinnest layer provides additional support to ensure total comfort. 

I'd also like to point out that the foam has a protective net prior to the cover. It provides additional layer of protection to preserve the mattress. 

Each Emma Sleep mattress is covered with a climate regulating and elastic cover. This is the first time I encountered a mattress built with climate considerations. 

When I learned that each Emma Sleep mattress is 25 cm or almost 10 inches, I was worried that it would not favor the humid weather in Manila. But after sleeping for 21 days, my apprehensions were invalidated. The mattress does not cause discomfort, even during the weeks of extreme summer heat in Manila. 

The sight of an almost 10 inches thick mattress

Even the cover of the mattress has a technology involved. 

Now I understand how a premium mattress feels. 

The photos alone are enough to prove that indeed, Emma Mattress does not only sell mattresses. It offers an opportunity of experiencing the best sleep. These days when everyone is overworked, the best reward is undoubtedly, the gift of best rest through sleep. 

While I don't have any complaints with the mattress, here are. my other observations

1. The premium bed will demand a premium bed frame - As you can see, the mattress has a significant weight. In effect, it needs adequate support from a sturdy bed frame. It may mean additional cost, but comfort and durability considerations, everything will be worth it and practical in the long run. 

2. They ship nationwide - A friend compared the cost of purchasing another mattress from another local brand. Turns out, the shipping fee made everything expensive. It exceeded the price of a premium mattress from Emma Sleep. In the end, Emma Sleep emerged as the cheaper and better option. 

3. The mattress is heavy and quite challenging to clean - I vacuum and steam the mattress thrice a month. More than maintaining the pristine white condition, I'm more concerned with ants infestation. Unfortunately,  it's ants season in our home during the transition of summer to rainy season.

4. Mattress in a Box - The mattress is squeezed in an easy to move cardboard. The packaging is perfect for people who live in condominium units or high rise apartments. Unlike the usual mattress sold in shopping malls, you need a cart and some help to move the mattress. I can say that Emma Mattress' packaging is "female friendly" and convenient for small spaces. I also find the packaging more hygienic. It prevents contact during the delivery.  

5. You might need a custom made bed sheet - The mattress's depth is the culprit. This is my first time to own an almost 10 inches mattress. From experience, the default size of bed sheets does not reach the edge of the mattress. But in my case, I don't mind spending extra. My premium mattress equally deserves a top of the line bed sheet. In like manner, I wish to preserve the breathable and comfortable cover.

6. The mattress remains firm and comfortable - The usual mattresses in the market are classified in different comfort levels, firm, extra firm or plush.  By default, you have to choose. In the case of Emma Mattress, the two levels of comfort were combined. The upper layer of the mattress provides that much needed plush comfort.  At the same time, the mid part of the mattress provides the assurance of strength and firmness.

7. No body pains or adjustments - Initially, I was told that my body might need to adjust for 21 days. To be honest, I never felt any discomfort. I have nothing but a comfortable and priceless sleep.

I wish to share the opportunity to own an Emma-Sleep mattress. Purchase any mattress and enter DIANE10 upon checkout. The said code provides a 10% discount on any Emma Sleep merchandise.