Constant view these days and proof that work from home (WFH) arrangement is over  

I used to have a hybrid working arrangement, 60% onsite and 40% wfh. But tasks and deadlines are getting stronger. I also have internet connectivity issues at home. On critical days, the best option is to extend onsite reporting. 

The increase in onsite reporting also translates to expenses. Expensive grab rides, stress eating which is too hard to resist given that there are a lot of choices in Manila, problematic skin, hyperpigmentation, tired eyes (I hate my tired, droopy and saggy eyelids), headache episodes, early signs of arthritis of the knee, I have a growing list of things I hate about myself these days. 

Before this post turns to a rant, I wish to document the good things that happened over the last two months

1. I'm fully vaccinated. - Thank you City Government of Marikina. 

2. Successfully launched an "experimental program" at work - Before the school year ended, I pushed for that one last "feel good" activity. Hopefully, we'll have time to repeat the activity in time for Christmas.

3. First time to give an online workshop to a group of young seminarians - Thank you to a former superior who trusted me in this endeavor. I will remember this as one of the forces that pushed me out of my comfort zone. This will definitely be part of my 2021 highlights. 

4. My parents celebrated their birthdays. Their birthdays are weeks away from Mothers' and Fathers' Day. I thank God for their love, presence and support in all my endeavors. I'm also grateful for cousins and a few family friends who genuinely care for them.

5. Found my perfect pair of ballet flats - Because I can no longer wear skinny jeans, I have to set aside all those sneakers I purchased before COVID19 happened. I was able to visit Pab Der and found my two pairs pointed ballet flats. I held on to the belief that culottes and ballet flats make me look taller. :p 

6. In as much as I appreciate all the support from my colleagues, I feel great whenever I'm able to provide assistance to another colleague. 

7. I was able to see my childhood friend A and had a great meal from Tim Ho Wan last week. 

8. Those lunches and merienda with my inner circle at the workplace - Life is kinder with them

9. SM Manila with Abigail - Gone are the days when I can easily convince Abigail to join me at SM Manila after a stressful, frustrating or a day of significant accomplishment. We rarely see each other during onsite reporting. I was happy to have dinner with her over the past two weeks. 

10. Seeing my cousin-nephew-nieces during the weekends

11. Safe and quiet Grab rides to and from work - I appreciate grab drivers who don't force me to relay my personal details. Likewise, those who allow me to rest and enjoy Spotify. 

and some beautiful things lately, 

This personalized bath set from Mikcrafts

Gave this as appreciation gifts to my colleagues 

The rare times I was pushed out of my comfort zone