In principle, you can rent an apartment anywhere in America or elsewhere, but when you rent a luxury apartment, you will want it to be in an area that you enjoy so that it matches the luxury the apartment is providing. The new apartments for rent in Capitol Hill DC are certainly worth taking a look at.

What Capitol Hill is Famous For

It is so-named because, in 1793, Capitol Hill was built on top of Jenkins’ Hill, which is now referred to as Capitol Hill. Following this, many additional buildings have been constructed around this site for them to serve the Supreme Court and Congress.

So, if you are into all things legal, perhaps because it is your occupation, then this is the in-place to rent your apartment while you establish your career.

Capitol Hill’s History

Christ Church is the oldest Episcopal Church in the city. It was thought to have held its first service in 1807. The church has hosted some famous worshippers while president. These are James Madison and James Monroe. Also, composer John Philip Sousa, who is associated with marching bands.

Tiny houses are always trending and you can find one on Capitol Hill that is the city’s smallest. It is just 252-square-foot and was built around 1920. One of its rooms is just 9 by 20 feet long. Your luxury apartment will feel positively Presidential compared to residing in one of those if you like a bit of space.

Architectural Diversity

Capitol Hill is known for its architectural diversity, with so many different styles to enjoy visually. It varies from the elaborate and ornamental pressed-brick structures to the more simplistic unadorned framed buildings and then small apartment houses. You can be surrounded by it all in terms of the aesthetics it brings.

The designer of the Statue of Liberty, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, also built a monument on Capitol Hill. Bartholdi Fountain is central to Bartholdi Park. It stands at 30 feet tall and towers some 14 feet above the Dupont one designed and created by Henry Bacon and Daniel Chester French of Lincoln Memorial fame.


The Library of Congress has a wonderful programme to cater for kids. The facility houses some 164 million items along 838 miles of shelving. There are 38 million books to choose from, with 14 million photographs, 5.5 million maps, and 3.6 million recordings. Anything you are looking for must surely be here. As a resident of this region, you can have all this at your disposal for research and educational interest. Your children can be the most informed in the world. The Young Readers Centre is open during the week. It features readings and a rotating slate of events. These are activities for young children as well as teens and young adults.


Located on 7th Street, SE, Washington, D.C. is the Eastern Market. It is housed in a 19th-century brick building that stands out for its diverse wares and crowds. The modern version of this market was opened in 1873 but it was renovated in 2007 under a two-year renovation project costing $22 million.

So, hopefully, this gives you some idea as to what it is like to live and rent an apartment on Capitol Hill East. From its legal connections, if that is your business, to its history and architectural delights. For your children, there is a library that everyone would want to be near, and for an exciting place to shop, the Eastern Market. 

There is something about the city for everyone to become fascinated with and enjoy. Visitors of Capitol Hill can only briefly experience what is here, whereas residents and those renting apartments can experience everything all year round. Who needs the internet, when you have the Library of Congress with every resource you could want to educate yourself and your children to progress in life?