Thanks to one of my favorite Korean drama series, I discovered Vanav's most popular product, the UP6 anti-aging and face lifting tool. I first saw this skin care device as one of Captain Ri's gifts to Yoon -Seri. 

Like any other viewer, I googled the interesting products promoted in the series. From Yoon-Seri's outfits to all the skin care series. Vanav caught my attention because I've been interested on portable skin care devices. But as expected, nothing was cheap especially among those featured in Korean dramas. The last time I remember, it costs around Php 20,000 to acquire a Vanav. I dismissed the plan to purchase and stopped myself from continuously stalking the product. 

A year after, a freelance client gave me the opportunity to try a Vanav UP6. She sent a demo unit and used it for two months. Here my observations

1. It has six different modes of vibrations: cleansing, moisturizing, lifting, eye care, mask mode and Vitamin C nourishment. My most used functions include eye care and lifting. TBH, I didn't explore much the other modes. 

2. The eye care mode helped in addressing my swollen eyes issue. I started using the device days after my mother passed away. Those days always meant having endless crying sessions and as always, my eyes became a problematic area on the next day. I used the device before going to sleep. It didn't prevent having swollen eyes but at the very least, I could say that the "damage" or evidence of my struggle was minimized. In a way, the massage feature also felt soothing. 

3. Lifting Feature - What I noticed after consistently using the device, my face's  bloatedness wasn't as worst as I was expecting. My face usually feel and look bloated after drowning myself with salty food and Coke for several days. I use this device's feature on my cheeks and chin area. I didn't feel drastic lifting effects. But I'm happy with the little help it provided in addressing facial bloatedness. 

4. Each of the six feature has three level of vibrations. My face can only withstand until the second level. The highest level doesn't feel comfortable and soothing anymore. 

5. I developed Papule Acne a week after using the device. :( Some areas of my cheeks surprisingly generated acne. Although it healed right away, it alarmed me to some extent. 

Vanav UP6 offers a number of features. While other skin care devices I encountered usually focus on the brush or cleansing feature, Vanav is versatile in terms of functions. So I guess Vanav offers some value for money. 

But overall, I'm still half-hearted as to whether I will proceed with the purchase. Php 20,000 is quite a steep price for me. I appreciate the two features, but it's extent of effect was limited from my experience.