There are a number of drafts sitting in my archives. I started this post on March 17, it took me almost a month to return and finish it. 

There's always that week when everything feels overwhelming. Hopping from both onsite and virtual meetings, work related issues, dinner that turned out to be a midweek breather, pending online orders arriving in one day, mail surprises and my favorite, random meals with friends.  

I was looking to go somewhere on Friday night. But my headache and exhaustion were stronger, I went straight home to rest. If this happened years ago, my stubborn self will never listen to my body. I learned from the past months. A weak and tired body attracts the virus. Speaking of the virus, statistics are going down. I hope we are nearing the end of this nightmare. China, which used to be the epicenter, are way ahead of us. (I wrote this last March and to my surprise, Shanghai forced to impose a lockdown). 

These tote bags were gifts from my friend, Sharon. It was designed by a local artist, which I'm starting to appreciate. I plan to frame some of the designs because I can't afford the real framed painting. :p Floral designs never fail to capture my attention. If you want one of the tote bags, please send me an email or DM in instagram. 

A Christmas gift I only get to use now - Thank you Terra for the gift of friendship 

The future is woman - I can't wait for the pandemic and the election fever to be over.