I can no longer remember when I started wearing shapewears. The earliest I can recall was when I have to attend a formal event at the workplace. I wore a black dress and even though I wasn't overweight yet, I insisted on finding ways to make my waist look smaller. I initially tried the shapewear shorts. It's perfect for a skirt and the same time, can compress the always problematic stomach. 

Years after, another formal event came in and this time, the shorts can no longer work for me. I was heavier. I needed to work on my back and side fats. I started wearing the camisole / tank top type. The camisole and shorts did the job. What I didn't realize, there are full body shapers that can address both concerns. 

On the next event I attended, I wore a full body shaper underneath a dress. There was initial discomfort. But after a few hours, I got used to it. Since then, wearing a full body shaper became part of my wardrobe. More than hiding my problematic areas, shapewears also helped me maximize my old clothes, those I haven't worn because of continuous weight gain. 

Fast forward to the pandemic or post-lockdown life, my desire to shapewears intensified. The weight gain was getting out of control. I reached as far as 157 lbs. When I initially returned to onsite reporting, I remember living to culottes and loose tops I purchased from Shopee. I lost weight after I had COVID. But in a span of two months, it feels like the unwanted weight is making a comeback. 

Loosing again those lbs will take some time. While I'm still learning how to battle stressful eating, I relied to a good old tool in my efforts to look better. Shapewears will save the day. 

On the years I depended on shapewears, here are the few things I learned

1. On choosing the material - Most shapewears come in either spandex or nylon. Between the two, nylon is more expensive but tends to last longer. Though spandex is cheaper, it still does the job and with proper care, its usage life can be prolonged. In the local market, I've also seen shapewears that come in lace-type design. From my experience, I'd rather choose those with solid spandex or nylon.


2. Start with Shapewear Shorts - I believe the belly and hip areas represent the usual problematic zones of women. The benefits of shapewear shorts include flattening the belly and compressing the unwanted side fats. This type of shapewears come in different length. Personally, I like the high waist that runs halfway the thigh area. It's the perfect shapewear for skirts and dresses. 

3. Cami / Tank Top Shapewears - Side boob fats, back fats the chest area are the initial targets of tank top shapewears. I usually use tank top shapewears on fitted tops or button down blouses. It can also act as a "safety" measure for gaps between button down blouses.


3. Waist Trainer - There are two types of waist trainers; the binder type and vest type. Between the two, I prefer the vest type because of the straps. From experience, the binder type has the tendency to fold and loosen. The vest type is more secured because of the strap support. 

Some of my friends prefer the waist trainer because it easily provides that much needed squeeze and shape in the waist area. While waist trainers are available everywhere, purchasing wholesale waist trainer is a good idea especially when you intend to build a stash or waist trainer for everyday use or even when performing your daily exercise. 


4. Full Body Shaper - This is the heaven sent solution to my expanding body. It took me some time before I became adjusted with a full body shaper. There was discomfort and the hassle when you need to pee. To address this concern, I discovered there are body shapers with snap closures or holes in the crotch area. I suggest using this type of body shapers when you need to pee often. 

Prior to wearing the full body shaper, I also suggest applying lotion or petroleum jelly on areas that would likely be "tightened" by the shaper. This would prevent redness or skin irritation after prolonged use.

Shapewears can be purchased everywhere. Waist Dear in particular offers one of the best affordable shapewear. There are cheap and expensive brands. I don't necessarily adhere to the idea that expensive brands are the best. I was able to buy shapewears that lasted for years from Divisoria and there are brands from shopping malls that worn out after a few usage.