The events last week forced us to be on work-from-home arrangement. After many months, I finally had the opportunity to experience work from the comforts of home. There was even an unexpected holiday in Manila on the last day of June. I took this as an opportunity to secure me and my Dad's quarterly laboratory tests. To our surprise, our test results manifested our unhealthy lifestyle. My cholesterol level was not moving down in the past 6 months. I admitted to the doctor that I have several instances of chest pain, intense headaches and pain and numbness in my ankles, especially whenever I wake up in the morning. The doctor's order was lifestyle change, to lose weight and my first dose of maintenance medicine. I was ordered to take Rosuvastatin for a number of months. 

I can already hear the words of my late mother. Blame all the unhealthy food deliveries, my laziness to exercise and all the stress eating. My goal of losing weight no longer arises from my desire to look better and fit on smaller sized clothes.  I have to do it for my health. The doctor also advised me to wear Skechers over my favorite flats. My feet needs better arch support, which is best addressed by shoes equipped with memory foam. With a heavy heart, I purchased the cheapest pair of Skechers. I only wear flats inside the workplace.

Months ago, I used to be obsessed with skin care. It started during the pandemic, I wanted to have my own glow up story after the lockdown. But these days, I have to let go of expensive trial and error attempts of finding the best skin care product. I have to focus on my "real health." 

I don't have intentions of drinking this for a long time, same goes with my Dad. Medicines in general are not cheap. We could use the money for better purposes. But seriously, I hope to be better. I started 2022 with a life threatening virus, I want to end 2022 doing better.