Clothes have become one of my frequent source of purchases since I returned to onsite reporting. But unlike most of my friends, I have been reporting onsite since June 2020. It started with twice a week onsite reporting, it became thrice and this year, we were compelled to report four times a week. I can no longer feel the difference between my pre and post pandemic work life. 

I don't have an office uniform. My crazy weight changes make constantly search for better clothes. I have been experimenting and window shopping, both online and onsite. I have my fair share of good and bad deals. Those that only look good on photos and the model and those that I thought were not pleasing from online photos. 

Lately, I received an email from Wholesale7 and found some interesting pieces. I was particularly drawn to the blazer with short outfits

I appreciate that there are styles for both the conservative and older age group and the younger populace. The sets are useful for zoom meetings, especially those who are still blessed with the opportunity to work from the comforts of home. For the younger and energetic age group, the set can be worn for an after-work event. 

While I don't need swimwear these days, the site also offers high-waisted string bikini.

Wholesale7 offer worldwide shipping and accepts varied payment channels. It also has regular promos and deals, especially for bulk orders. If I have been younger, I would have appreciate their rare student discount capped at 20% on the first order. 

The site also offers other clothing lines. Casual and basic outfits like cotton shirts, cropped tops, tank tops and drape pants are also available. Statement shirts are also available for the younger populace. Maxi dresses for the middle aged women can be preordered. Selections offered cater to both the adventurous and conservative females. 

Aside from clothing, I also noticed their collection of shoes and bags. Price range is very affordable, you can find a deal for as low as $3. Styles range from classic faux leather office to evening bags, denim bags, casual bum bags, backpacks, totes to those quirky small bags. For the shoes, they have the usual selections of slippers, sandals, flats, sneakers, boots, heels and wedges, Price point goes to as low as $6. 

Initially, I thought the site only caters to the female populace. Turns out, they have a specific collection for the male customers. Collections for the male range from shirts, polos, sweat shirts, pants, jeans, jackets, coats to formal suits. 

After exploring the site, I noticed I almost missed another specialized collection. The site has a designated collection for plus sized women. Collections include varied clothing styles from jumpsuits, crop tops, blouses, boho dresses, evening dresses, rompers, active wear to pajamas. 

For further information on Wholesale7, you may reach them via their varied communication platforms

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Tiktok and Pinterest. Surprisingly, they also maintain an updated blog containing articles. For those who are reluctant or unsure of the clothes actual appearance when worn, Wholesale7 has a live Whatsapp account where you can request for photos and videos of the product. Their Tiktok account also showcases products to help you decide.