And the "healthy" food uploads continues .... I'm trying my best to eat healthy but in reality, there have been several cheat meals lately. There were also days when I forget to drink Rosuvastatin before bed time. If there's any improvement, the initial side effects of Rosuvastatin have already subsided.

Random things I remember the past week 

Dad's Birthday - Always grateful for Dad's presence. I would not have survived the past months without him. I hope we will be continuously blessed with good health. 

The cheerful tricycle driver taking unhealthy dinner (rice, sunny side up and hotdog) from the nearby eatery -  He exhibits the usual figure of an old and obese Filipino man (note: equipped with a protruding belly). The sight of him enjoying unhealthy dinner reminds me of myself. I can't resist hunger and the temptation of unhealthy food, especially after a long and tiring day. I hope that he remains healthy.  

5 days of onsite work - This week forced me to report for work from Monday to Friday. It was exhausting but I realized, this has been my life before the pandemic. How did I survive more than a decade of working, commuting and trying my best to make ends meet before payday. 

CafunĂ© Bags - Another bag crush, aside from Polenè, The Stance Bag is calling my name. I have been stalking the bag from its own site and Instagram. 

Kids will be back to school - It's official, at least for the school I work. We will welcome the incoming academic year with students at all levels returning onsite. 

Teachers struggling and refusing to work onsite - I will not deny the fact that I feel envious of the faculty workforce in our school. They have been on 100% work from home arrangement for two consecutive years. The presence of modules and dominance of asynchronous over synchronous sessions made work easier for them. They don't experience the hassles and threats of reporting for work. They have spare time to pursue other endeavors. They get paid at the comforts of home. If I have been in their shoes, I probably have saved a lot of money and started other meaningful endeavors. They have the best working arrangement, but I would still hear complaints and all forms of discontentment. 

They have gained blessings from the pandemic, while me and other support staff were left with struggles. While others have their own successful stories from the pandemic, my version has always been struggling and surviving. 

Getting used to "ugly" rubber shoes and skirts - Years ago, I noticed the usual uniform of female workers in Hong Kong. Ladies in full make up, styled hair, tailor fitted uniforms were paired with Toms, Vans, Dr. Kong or those chunky and comfy rubber shoes. It didn't look awkward on them, especially since most of them have really nice legs. I never imagined myself to become one of them. :p But these days, I alternately wear Skechers and Dr. Kong. I enjoy walking, it's the only exercise I can accommodate. I was hoping to be later rewarded with skinny legs, but my calves are screaming each day. 

I wish to end on a positive note but I have been consumed with frustrations the past few days.  I hope something optimistic happens next week. I hope to accomplish something. I hope to find something meaningful. I pray for happiness and a better week.