Instagram has been contributing to my growing list of wants. A few weeks ago, I saw a Japanese middle aged woman carrying a bag that caught my attention. Good thing, she tagged the brand, which led me to discover Cafuné

True enough, the homepage showcased what I've been looking for 

What I love about the bag

The classic flap - It maybe inconvenient, especially in the Philippines where you have to constantly open your bag when entering a building. But for classic and formal pieces, I have preference for the classic flap bags.

It's made of real leather and has an option for pebbled leather - I don't own a bag made of real leather. I sold the last leather bag I own during the lockdown. In my mind, I will never have the opportunity to attend formal events again. I was also afraid that humidity will ruin the leather. I thought we will be working from home for years. After a few months, I was called to work onsite and since then, I have been dependent on nylon or pvc bags. I'm still afraid to use leather bags because it might be damaged or stained from alcohol sprays. Given our situation, I think I'm ready to use another leather bag. 

The long strap - I've always been biased to bags with a detachable long strap.

Cafuné leather is sourced from Italy, but its production site is stationed in Hong Kong. Initially, I thought the bag was sold in EU countries, similar with Polenè. While Hong Kong is near Manila, I don't think I can travel this year. Although I must admit, I don't mind revisiting Hong Kong. 

After several google search, I learned that Cafuné is available in Adora. But the post was made back in 2019. Maybe I'll send an email to inquire. Although to be honest, I've never entered the premises of Adora. It has always intimidated me. :p The most I went to was Rustan's and a few shops in Greenbelt 3. 

The Stance Bag in red looks nice but I prefer to have the pebbled leather in black or brownstone. The Stance also comes in a smaller or wallet size, which I also hope to own for formal events. 

For now, this bag remains in my wish list. :)