The days in July flew so fast. I woke up looking forward for my father's birthday. I left work early to have special dinner with him. The next days, my two cousins had their own celebrations. And just like that, another month ended. 

July and August are significant months in my paternal family. More than half of the family members are celebrating birthdays on these months. Before 2020, it meant consecutive lunches or dinners in my grandparents' residence. The pandemic ruined everything, especially for me and Dad. It was August 2021 when COVID started to devastate our family. My parents became COVID positive this month last year, which took away the life of my mother. Next month will be my mother's first death anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year since our lives painfully changed. I'm still struggling in many ways, but Dad's presence made everything better. 

I once read, we need to embrace change. Otherwise, life will push you to make it happen. I definitely had my own share that extends at the workplace. There has been a project that's testing my composure. Last week was not an exemption, because I learned something that heightened my blood pressure emotions. I did not subscribe to my emotions. I banked on a more professional approach. I don't know where will this take me. This non-aggressive response may spark more frustrations. It maybe even viewed as my weakness. Oh well. I'll deal with them next week. For now, I'm savoring the extended weekend at home and the company of my trusted workplace friends on Tuesday. 

It's been raining in Manila every afternoon. Last Friday was the worst, we braved the rains and flood in Manila. I was able to reach home early, spent a few hours on Netflix and comfortably slept for more than eight hours. I didn't realize that everyone in Manila struggled to get home. 

The weather got better on Saturday morning. On the afternoon however, the rains progressed until Sunday. I used to appreciate this kind of weather. But these days, it brings me worries on dengue, threat of flooding and all the hassles caused by a typhoon. 

Jodi Sta. Maria's portrayal of Dr. Ilustre on The Broken Marriage Vow made me discover a number of homegrown designer brands. I've always admired the midi skirts worn by Jodi and searched Instagram for her outfits. Much to my surprise, most skirts were priced Php 7,000 and above. The cheapest I found was the collection made by NiƱo Franco. I tried a skirt and no regrets. It was worth the splurge. 

Another splurge is this Xiaomi Lint Remover. I used to be contented with the Php 99 lint roller from H&M. A flash sale from Shopee convinced me to purchase. Xiaomi has been ruling my Shopee purchases in the last two years. In a separate post, I will detail my thoughts on this unexpected purchase. 

More of my thoughts lately

On Mental Health - I believe in the importance of mental health. Unfortunately, this has been used and abused by a number of people within my environment. Apologies, I have been a casualty of people using mental health as means to escape responsibilities. Mental health is a need, but accountability is our share  to another person's mental health. 

Professionalism - There are days when I almost, allowed my emotions to handle a situation. I still believe that professionalism makes one the better person. 

Inflation - Everything is expensive these days. I hope the National Government can offer a kinder approach in addressing this economic crisis. Kinder especially for the hardworking members of the labor force. 

In reality, I don't expect much from the government. I was hoping that I'll be given more freelance works and earnings to address the burden of Inflation. I hope my blog and Instagram account will generate impressions and later translate to earning opportunities. 

Onsite work for 5 days - My heart silently cried. I belong to the cluster of employees required to render 5 days of onsite work. My dream of saving more money is gone. COVID is still here. I depend on expensive KN95 masks, Immunopro and lots of prayers. 

I may come from a series of pessimistic thoughts lately. But I'm still hopeful. I'm looking forward for August to be better.