Hello December! The months leading to December felt like a whirlwind. Looking back, it still feels like January 2022 was just yesterday. I wish I could still write a year end post because 2022 was one for the books. But before anything else, I wish to document how the past weeks went and the months leading to it. 

In the previous years, I used to have several mall trips to purchase gifts and treat myself. It's Christmas and my birth month, I felt I deserve to splurge for myself. But this year, I didn't have anything new for my birthday. I even reported for work while everyone was already on a Christmas break. It felt sad. In the previous years, I always take a leave on my birthday. But this year, I made myself available for other people, which I'm not sure if it was a good decision. A few months from now, I hope I won't regret this. I also wish that next year will be a better birthday. But thinking about it, I don't even know what can make me happy. I had crying episodes days before my birthday. I was sad and the only thing I wished for that time was everyone at home will be healthy. 

I'm still learning to handle my sadness episodes. Work is a good diversion. Accomplishments is a double edged sword, it makes me happy but reminds of that void, that missing person who would equally share my happiness. Having the presence of friends helps in one way or another. Making additional effort to look good has become one of my coping mechanisms. I shared this to one friend, I don't want to look sad and pathetic. I want to look better, even if I'm breaking inside. Looking good meant changing my entire wardrobe and investing on better cosmetics. My friend, Angela's Box, has been very contributive in this aspect of my life. She gave me access to products I thought I can't afford and has been supporting me in many ways at work. All the Dior and Chanel I have are limited to cosmetics because that's the best I can afford from these brands. :p

In my constant desire to look good, I also discovered cheaper products from Watson's. Luxe Organix has been part of my routine and I hope it will continuously work for my skin.

You know the story behind these books if you follow me in Instagram or Facebook. I still need more book donations for the book sponsorship project I'm spearheading.

I wasn't aware that the school library devoted this humongous shelf for the Book Sponsorship project. I need to fill this shelf before March 2023. If my estimates are correct, I need to collect more than 200 books to make this shelf look "healthy." I would really appreciate if you can give me leads to book donors. All our books should be acquired from Fully Booked. Should you be interested, please feel free to send me a message.

and some photos from my phone lately to summarize the past weeks 

Dinner with some workplace friends

Two of my favorite persons at the workplace  - I would not be accomplished without them.

After two years, we have face-to-face Christmas party at the workplace 

I rarely say this, but I like how I looked during our Christmas Party. Here I am with my two brothers at the workplace. We had the most (mis)adventures this year.

Finishing the last document after my mother's death

I still remember the dreadful days last year. I spent last year's Christmas break hopping from several government agencies and even the hospital where my mother gave birth. I thought I would never finish the paper works. I even went to the extent of requesting several details in my birth certificate to be corrected. The Local Civil Registry of Marikina failed me. It was the last requirement I needed to close my mother's bank account. 

Fixing my birth certificate would take another year so I attempted to approach the bank for alternatives. I wasn't optimistic, but my prayers were answered. I presented other documents and soon enough, our request was granted. My Dad and I have other plans with the savings my mother left. But since Chinabank was helpful, I decided to continue business with them. I would like to believe this was also what my mother wanted. 

It's been a while since I made a lengthy post. I have more to write. Hopefully I'll have more time and energy to do it. I also hope that next time, it will be a better and a happier post.