Visiting the two Las Casas Filipinas are both in my travel list. It's quite impossible for me to visit the more extensive resort in Bagac, Bataan. For the mean time, the nearer dining place in Quezon City proved to be the feasible option. 

I visited Las Casas in Quezon City a few days after Christmas with former colleagues turned friends. It was a breather after all the holiday stress I went through. I always wish that every year, I'll have a chance to visit a new place. Traveling abroad or even out of town remains as a struggle. I'm consumed by work and other financial priorities. Looking back, 2022 was one for the books. Every year has its own story, but 2022 was a significant turning point. I thought my mother's death in 2021 was the worst. But 2022 gave me a new set of challenges, a lot of silent crying episodes, health issues and people to be grateful for. I hope 2023 will be my period of healing and recovery. 

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!