Happy Easter! It feels good to blog again on a Sunday. Years ago. this was my routine. I can never leave a weekend without a Sunday post. I hope to revive this good old habit, even if everyone seems to be leaving the old school blogging. The original bloggers I followed have either shifted to vlogging, a few remained writing and the rest are no longer updating their blogs. The original blogging I know has become obsolete.  I'm still hoping that Google will not cease this platform. More than a decade of my life has been archived in this blog It would be hard to migrate everything to another platform. 

Q1 of 2023 is over. It has its own surprises on me, which was mostly lumped on the month of March. It was my busiest month and looking back, it felt like half of the year happened on March.

Unexpected Minor Surgery - I had my wisdom tooth removed. The doctor initially advised me to schedule it during the Holy Week break. I can't wait that long. In the middle of a busy month, I scheduled the minor surgery. What I thought as a smooth process of healing didn't happen. I was fine a day after the extraction. The succeeding days however were so painful. Ponstan didn't work for me. Added to this, I thought I would result on having a root canal or another tooth extraction. Another extraction wasn't an option for me. Good thing, the dentist found a way for us to avoid another grueling process of root canal. 

International Women's Day - I was part of the team that handled the Gender and Development activities at the workplace. We organized several activities since September of last year. I'm grateful to all my friends and family members, who helped me make things happened. I'm all done. 

All three of us in the family went to see different dermatologists this month - My father developed skin allergies. I accompanied him to a dermatologist, who successfully addressed everything. I convinced my Father to finally consult a dermatologist for my bed ridden brother. I detailed everything in the previous post. On one random Saturday, I decided to consult a dermatologist to address problem areas on my face. I had my warts removed, tried HIFU and became so interested on procedures that can delay signs of aging. 

At the workplace, we also organized a skin care seminar facilitated by a very young dermatologist. My views on botox and other forms or cosmetic surgery changed. I also discovered, there are differences in the beliefs of dermatologists. Some still adhere to the natural way of skin care, while some (especially the younger ones) are more open to the aesthetic side of the field. 

Meanwhile, my default photo during the Holy Week break - A long break means a bag of nachos and some cheese 

New product discovery -  I love Happy Skin's Tinted Matte Sun Gel Primer It has everything I need from sunscreen to a matte foundation. 

This Charles & Keith Bag - I was one of those netizens who developed interest with the brand after this issue. That curiosity led me to this purchase :p To my defense, I needed a new bag because I already graduated from using backpacks for work. After several years, I was finally issued my own office laptop. Yay! I don't have to bring my personal laptop everyday.  

I'm trying to recall everything that happened on the first few months of 2023. I'm still overwhelmed. 😑 Gradually, I'll be able to remember and gather my thoughts to write them here. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!