A few weeks ago, I was seeking a diversion from my usual environment. An out of town getaway is not feasible. I ended asking my cousins of a nearby relaxing place. She suggested, Do Güd Cafe. After attending to some family errands, I decided to spent my rare vacation leave to this hidden cafe.

It's tucked in one of the quiet streets in my hometown. I believe it used to be a residential site converted to a discrete and homey cafe. It has indoor and outdoor spaces, equipped with wifi connection, which makes it perfect for clients who wish to work or study. They serve breakfast and rice meals, on top of their usual coffee and tea drinks. Non-coffee drinkers like me can also enjoy their selection of fruit juices.

As someone who avoids the crowd and prefer quiet and relaxing places, Do Güd Cafe  is one of my best options. I will definitely go back to this place one of these days.