Today was great. I was blessed with an extended weekend break, which allowed me to take time off from work. We were suppose to visit the mall again for the Sistine Chapel's exhibit at Capital Commons. On the last minute, I changed my mind. I wanted a change of scenery. My social media account's algorithm must be perfectly working. It gave me suggestions near my hometown. I encountered a Tiktok video about Casa Mellifera and in a snap, I chose this over another trip to the mall. 

Its address felt familiar and true enough, it's situated a few meters away from Burrow Cafe. I also learned that the same family manages Cafe Mellifera. Hence, the same system of reservation is implemented. You have to answer their google form to secure a reservation. 

 The scenery is always a much welcomed break from my city life. 

Glass windows overlooking the brook within the property 

It was unfortunately raining when we arrived. But still, the place had its own charm even in a gloomy weather. 

The main restaurant looks like a mini version of the Burrow Cafe

We ordered a lot of food. 

The bowl of tapa is overflowing, it can already serve two persons. 

We also ordered the much talked bibingka pancakes. 

Huge cut fries and lechon kawali

The place is a bee farm