It's been a while ... 

Years ago, this was my routine. I would spend my Saturday or Sunday nights taking photos for my freelance work and Instagram account. I will check my phone for photos from the entire week and blog about everything during the weekend. Things changed. Mostly came from my mother's death almost three years ago, additional responsibilities and as always, challenges from the workplace. 

I wanted to detail everything here. But a blog post will not be enough. I also don't know where and how to start. Though I have to admit, it feels good whenever I'm able to write down everything. 

Before writing this post, I checked the blogs I follow the past years. It felt sad. There were no more updated posts from people I follow years ago. It seems like everyone moved on. Everyone outgrew blogging. Yet here I am, hoping to still see everyone. One of them entered the world of motherhood, another secured a higher position at work, one relocated somewhere and the rest, I have no idea. I haven't personally met some of them. But seeing their absence, made me sad.

Then at work, I thought everything will be better after last year. It was good until it lasted. Last Friday, I realized, it will be another cycle. I'm praying for strength. I had no other options anyway. 

There are good days. There are challenging days. Some days, everything feel perfect. Then there are those, designed to make me stronger. 

We are often told, leave the past. But this time, I'm missing some parts of my past.